Still thinking about starting a YouTube channel.

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Still thinking about starting a YouTube channel.

Post by kittycathead »

I decided what I want to do for my YouTube channel.

I'm doing . . .
(My personal inspiration is TheOdd1sOut. He's cool.)

What do you guys think?

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J.K. Riki
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Re: Still thinking about starting a YouTube channel.

Post by J.K. Riki »

Sounds great! Animation is the best. :)

Just remember how both it and YouTube channels are insanely hard work, that's all. Definitely press on, I just find it is very, very wise to go into such things knowing that there will be days when it feels like more work than it's worth. Those are the days you have to sit up straight in your chair and force yourself forward! Those are the make it or break it days. :D

Can't wait to see what you come up with! Keep us posted.

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Re: Still thinking about starting a YouTube channel.

Post by MrFixit »

I think it is a great idea. A while ago I heard that a big part of being a successful youtuber is to be yourself. Also, at first your channel may not get a ton of attention, but if you keep up the work and have the dedication, good things will come.

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