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Arduino help!

Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2015 10:53 pm
by xbox650
Before I go to the trubble of writing a small book about my inability to program, I thought I'd ask and see if anyone here on the forums know a little bit of the complexity that is the arduino language.
Hardware? Pfff; Easypeasy. But telling a thing to move a thing by typing on a thing- just no.
I'd love to learn, hopefully some of you can help.

If anyone thinks they can help with arduino stuff comment below! I'll then give the details!
(Help: I have a 'handfull' of servos I need to control)

P.s. move this topic if it's better suited elsewhere.

Re: Arduino help!

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2015 12:59 am
by LegoFan560
All I've done is make the color of an RGB LED strip change. I wish I remembered where I found the tutorial I used.

I'd be interested to hear about your project, though!

Re: Arduino help!

Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 10:31 pm
by xbox650
My need is to control 32 (hopefully 48 or 64) servos. Telling them all to go to fixed points with in 180°(call it a map)
It's hard to explain my plan without showing... Try to imagine a 7in thick chessboard, but not a solid piece of wood. Each square is a colom. Now have a servo control each square colom causing it to rise and fall vertically. Have a single arduino control all the servos with the help of these 16channel pwm boards- ... 1596560997
And you have a battle field that changes as you play.

I might make it sound more confusing than it is.
I made 3d models of my prototypes, guess I could try to take pictures of them.

My main problem is learning to program with the 16 channel pwm driver boards.
Hope someone can help!

Re: Arduino help!

Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 2:05 am
by LegoFan560
I think I understand it. That sounds awesome! Show us pictures when you finish, please. :)

Yeah, I'm not sure how to help you. Good luck, though!