Passion for Christ Movement (poetry event)

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Passion for Christ Movement (poetry event)

Postby ccgr » Wed Jun 24, 2015 6:52 pm

In our society, it’s not uncommon for people to go to extreme lengths to find their “soul mate.” For instance, some are willing to go on national television to compete with 30 individuals for a shot at love with a Bachelor/Bachelorette, while others will go as far as to marry a complete stranger at first sight!

Janette McGhee Watson decided to approach the situation a bit differently. In 2011, she made a public vow to wait patiently for her future husband in her poem “I Will Wait for You” at Passion for Christ Movement’s (P4CM) annual poetry event, Rhetoric (the world’s largest poetry event). This poem, combined with her story of past hurts and childhood abuse, has inspired millions of individuals worldwide and has close to three million views on YouTube!

Later, Janette would learn that her future husband, Matthew Watson, was not only in the audience while she recited this poem, but was actually operating the main camera — recording the very video that would describe the man she was waiting for. Little did he know, he was that man!

Since then, Janette’s life has come full circle. After getting to know one another for a year and a half and dating for a year and a half, Matt proposed and ended Janette’s wait. Just six months ago, she made a vow to her husband Matt — this time, on their wedding day, just before their first kiss. It was only appropriate that her vows be delivered via a poem titled “I Waited for You”

P4CM also documented the couple’s wedding day and journey to the altar. And less than 48 hours after they uploaded Janette’s poetic vows to Facebook, it went viral receiving over 2.5 Million views and has reached over 23 Million since being posted.

Check out the video here:

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