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Re: Adventures

Postby evered » Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:00 pm

I'm just curious, are these real stories that you've experienced in minecraft or are they fiction?

(Can I maybe be in the next one too? Even though I don't interact with you a whole bunch currently lol)
Well, Lemme think, Usually when I write the stories, They come out non-fiction but then I alter them and alter them and edit and edit and edit. so then it just becomes....This. pretty much. :lol:

And yes you may be in the next story.

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Re: Adventures

Postby evered » Thu Sep 28, 2017 3:45 am

The Sand Sosa.

Y'know that feeling in your gut that wants you to go on a adventure? That feeling that wants you to push aside all the boring life things. And just go out and have some fun? Well, Here's a story for you then!

Chapter 1: A New Situation.

I woke up one sunny morning, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. And, the villagers were...erm...Making weird noises. Something about a redstone monster. And of course, my friends outside my door as usual. Their usually just hanging out or have something fun to do. But, this time. I had something fun for us. "Hey guys!" I said walking up to Star, JIL, Zany, Jason, And Amber. "Hi Stel!" Star said and came up to me. (That's her nickname for me) "Hey." I said and sat down next to them. "Uh.." I started to say. "So...Uh...Do you guys wanna go on a adventure?" I said hoping they wanted to. "Adventure?!" Jason said and stood up. He was usually the one to come on a adventure. "I love adventure!" Amber said. "What kind of adventure?" JIL said. "Hmm..." then if it was on cue, A little piece of paper swooped down and fell on the ground. "What is that?" Zany said staring at the paper.

"A...Map?" I picked it up. "To the great Sosa." I read out loud. "Sosa?" JIL said staring at it. "That's what it says..." I replied scanning the map. "It looks like a giant temple. It says there is tons of treasure there." I said glaring at the giant red X at the edge of the map. "Wow..." star said. "Can I have the map?" Amber said. I passed it to her "It's a way away..." Amber said looking at the map. "That makes it fun!" Jason said. "So, are we going or not?" I said looking around at the others. "Yeah let's do it!" JIL said. "Yes! Let's go!" Zany said. We all got ready for the trip.

"We need to go through the great arch. Which is away from town. Then sail across the might need boats..." I said considering what we needed. "I'll get the boats!" Amber said and rushed into her house. "We might need some saddles for some horses..." "I got those!" Zany said and disappeared into his house. "Perhaps some emeralds to trade with some town folk..." "I might have some!" JIL said and vanished "Okay, we all ready to go?" I said folding up the map and stuffing it in my pocket. "Yeah! Let's go already!" Jason said.

We hiked across the town into the jungle. In which we knew we had to go through. The jungle was dense, and very very green. There was a river guiding us to the grt arch. It seemed the jungle got thicker and thicker the more we traveled. But we kept going. "Goodbye town!" Star said and waved. She was right though, we were not sure how long we would being traveling. It was at least good to say goodbye. "Bye town!" I said. Probably everyone else thought we were losing our mind.

"This jungle is huge!" JIL exclaimed. "I know right?" Jason agreed. The others would just step over the roots and vines that stuck out from the trees. They got denser and denser. "Call me crazy, but the trees seemed to be talking" Zany said. He was right. The trees were talking. "You there! How dare you come in our forest!" A tree said. "But! We're just passing by!" I said in defense. "Fine! But if you touch one branch..." the tree said. "Everyone, be careful." Jason said.

Chapter 2: Aaaaaants!

Everyone seemed to understand, if we touched a root or even a branch. We're dead. Star seemed to easily do this. Same with amber. The others had a little trouble though. "What if I accidentally stepped on a root?" Jason said worriedly. "Pfft, just be careful" I said. "I see the end of the jungle!!" Amber said pointing. She was right. The end of the jungle was near. We just needed to not step- CRACK. I looked down, I stepped on a root. "RUN!!" Jason yelled. We didn't need to hear that twice. We ran and ran. The forest behind us grew smaller and smaller. The trees wrapped there branches around and tried to grab us. But they failed. And we made it out.

"Whewww...." Amber said In relief. "We made it!" I said and jumped for joy. We climbed up a hill and saw a giant stone arch. "Were getting closer." Jason said as he stared at the arch. Once again, he was right. We were getting closer to the great Sosa. Whatever that was. We went under the arch and went through it. It wasn't anything special. Afterward. The sun started to set, we decided to make a camp for the night. We chose a spot near the river. The camp was just some tents that amber brought. Everyone chose to go inside their tent and sleep there. But I chose to sleep under the stars. I love to sleep under the stars, mainly cause I can sometimes see shapes in them. One time I saw a lion roaring. Sometimes I would sneak out from my house in Eliud and sleep under the stars instead. Yeah. Little weird I guess.

The sun rose bearing a wonderful warm sun-rise. The air smelled of fall weather. And the birds started to sing their wonderful song. "This is just what I needed." I thought and sat up. The fall leaves would fall and drop on the ground in one beautiful swoop. The others though, didn't have the same experience. "Ants!! Ants everywhere!!" Star said. Last night their tent got infested by ants.

"Ugh...Are we there yet? My feet hurt..." amber started to complain and shook out the last bit of ants from her hair. "We are almost to the sea. We can sail from there." I said and reassured her. And I was right. The sea was just around a hill. "Sailing time!" Jason said and pulled out a boat. "Yay!" Amber said and jumped for joy. We sailed across the pitch sea, once again. The waves would crash upon our boat. And the sea water would catch in our eyes. It was so very salty. The sky was gray and clouds were forming. It didn't look so nice. But we went on. "Um..Guys..." Amber said looking in the water. "What is that...?" She stared at a black shadow in the water. It popped up to show...A shark fin! "Quick! Row like you never rowed before!" I said. Everyone rowed their boats farther and farther. We reached land. A desert. "Phew!" Star said.

Chapter 3: Sand Temple Ain't No Joke

We went upside a hill, atop the hill we could see a giant desert temple. "That's it...The Sosa..." JIL said staring at it. It had symbols on it, it was made of sandstone. And the symbols were made of red rock. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" I said. We approached the front door. I grabbed a flash light. We went inside. The walls were sand. The ground was sand. The roof was sand. Everything was stupid sand! Inside was a giant statute of... a squid. "A squid?" I said looking at it. "That's very odd..." Zany remarked. The statue had a lever on it. Perhaps it would open a door or something? Oddly enough, it did. It opened a door leading to a huge room. "Wow..." Star said. The door though, shut behind us.

"Uh oh." Jason said. "What?" I replied. "Usually in a Indian jones movie, the door would close. And bugs would seek out of cracks in the walls." "But, that's tv!" Bugs started to seek out the wall. "Crud." Big black beetles. "Run!!" Star yelled. The bugs chased after us. We ran across the room. It lead to a giant hole. "Lovely." I said and looked back to see the bugs coming. "Star!! Your a terraformer right?!" I said at her. "Yeah! Why?!" She said. "Can you terraform a path to the other side?!" "No!" It was worth a shot. The bugs were gaining. "I have a idea!!" I grabbed my backpack and pulled some rope out of it. I threw the rope across and stuck it around a rock. "Go!!" I said. Everyone rushed over the rope. Even though it was thin. Everyone made it across. The bugs went on the line. "Quick!" I waited. All of the beetles went on the line. I yanked it. They all fell. "Thank goodness..." Zany said panting.

I turned around and saw a huge wall with symbols on it. They were from a different language probably. "Can anyone read this?" I said dusting off the wall a little. Zany nabbed the flashlight from me, and shone the light on the wall. "It says... Traps and puzzles are laid by, for the treasure is not nigh. To seek your desires, you must first step over the wires." Zany said looking deep in thought. "What wires?" Amber said perplexed. Zany shrugged. He continued reading. "Whenever you are in a pickle, look for the switch made of nickel. The treasure is not for the faint of heart. So, lemme test you and split you apart." He read. "Split us apart? JIL said. All of a sudden walls appeared and shoved everyone but star and JIL in a cage. "What the?!" I said and rattled at the handle bars. "Zany read the last bit!" Star said worriedly. "Okay okay, You must find the gemstone, to set your friends from being alone." He said. "You guys have to find that gemstone!!" I said and rattled at the bars some more. "Okay we will." JIL said. "Let's go!" Star said. "Good luck guys!" Jason said to them as they set off.

"Okay, let's think about this. The walls said-Hey what are you doing star?" JIL said. "I found a lever made of nickel." She replied. "Oh, that works." He said smugly. "Flick it!" Star said. "What if it drops a giant spider on us?" JIL said. Star looked at him. "Or yeah, we could just flick it, that's cool too." He said. He flicked it. It opened a room filled with giant wires. "Before you find our desires, you must step over the wires!" Star said gleefully. The room was aligned with black wires. "Erm...You first..." JIL said nervously. "Coward." Star said and laughed a little. She stepped over each wire with precision and timing. She made it. "Come on! Let's go!" Star said to JIL. "Okay, coming..." JIL said. He stepped over the wires carefully but surely. He made it as well.

They approached the room and saw a big chandelier. The floor had paintings on it. And the middle of the room, was a big red gemstone. "The gemstone..." Star said looking at it. "Wow. It's big." JIL said examining it. "Yeah. Let's go! The others are waiting!" She nabbed the stone. And of course, like a Indian jones movie. The walls started to crumble. "Run!!" Star yelled. JIL and star ran fast, they ran and ran and ran. And made it. The walls still were crumbling but slower this time. They went to the room where Me, Jason, Zany, And Amber still stood stuck in our cage. "You got it!!" I said. "Yes!" She stuffed the gemstone in a little pocket thing near the cage. And sure enough, it opened.

"Guys! Thing! Closing! Run!" JIL said and panted. Everyone ran towards the entrance. We made it out. The temple closed behind us. "Were alive..." Amber said. "Wow. That was quite something." Zany said. "Yeah..." I said. "What about the treasure?" Star said. "We already got the treasure!" I said and dusted myself off. "What? How? Where?" Star said perplexed. "We just had a adventure of a lifetime!" I said. "I guess your right...But I mean it would have been nice to got some-" she couldn't finish what she said, because a piece of paper floated down and landed on her head. "Check worth 100 million dollars." It said. "Okay, I'm happy. Let's go home!" Star said and stuffed the paper in here pocket. We then walked into the sunset, ready for our next adventure.

The end!

I'll see you later my friends! Any suggestions or comments are always welcome. Thanks for reading! :)

Psst, any of you have any story suggestions? I'm running kinda low, Okay thanks. :]

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Re: Adventures

Postby evered » Fri Sep 29, 2017 11:33 pm

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction, I do not clarify the character Hakisto as anyone on prism or agape currently. Thank you and enjoy the story.

Ever come on a server, And sometimes, just sometimes, someone comes and ruins all the fun? This person would come and ruin it for everyone, just for his own fun? Just for pure experience? Just to ruin their day? Perhaps this person would be called, A Hacker.

The Hacker.

Chapter 1: Friend Or Foe?

"Yawn..." I said waking up on a beautiful sunny morning. The night before we just got back from the Sand Sosa. So it was nice to get a good night's sleep after sleeping on dirt. As usual, I went outside my house as usual. And to my surprise, Amber was there with Crazy, chatting. "Did you know someone came on that's new today?" Crazy said to amber. I came up to them. "Whom?" I said and sat down. "A person named Hakisto." Crazy replied. "Hakisto, Huh?" Amber said looking a little curious. "Yeah. Not only that, but the annual buildathon is coming up! The winner is going get a bunch of diamonds and emeralds! What are you guys going build?" Crazy said trying to change the subject. "I'm going build a castle! With a fire breathing dragon!" Amber said motioning her hands in a fighting fashion. "Wow! I'm going build a giant plane!" Crazy said. "What about you, Heidi?" Amber said and turned to me. "Hmm, I'm not sure...I haven't thought about it much." I said. Honestly, I hadn't. I've been busy with the other adventures we had, not to mention putting it on paper.

"Either way, it's going be eeeeepic!" Amber said and flailed her arms around. Yes. I had to agree. The buildathon was always fun. The buildathon meant each player would come to the buildathon and have a giant build contest! Everyone would come and build the theme. The winner gets a bunch of cool stuff! Last year's buildathon theme was food. I made a carrot. And it didn't win. Haha. Didn't think it would anyways.

"I wonder what the theme is going be this year!" Crazy said fondly. "Perhaps a giant butterfly?" Amber suggested. I shuddered at this thought, last time we had to deal with one of those, was not very fun. Either way, I wanted to meet the new guy. "Let's go say hello to Mr Hakisto." I said and stood up. "Yes! Let's go!" Amber said excitedly. Crazy seemed to agree as well. We decided to look for where Hakisto might be. "Maybe the mini Games?" Amber said as we took off. "Yeah. Let's try it." Crazy said. We walked over to the mini games. And right there in front of a spleef portal, Stood a pig walking on two feet in a suit. Sorta like Sir. "Hi there!" I said as we walked up to him. "Why, hello there!" He said. "I'm presuming your new around here?" Crazy said to him. "Yes. Yes I am. I joined yesterday." He said. "Wanna play some mini Games? I was waiting for someone to come play with me." He said and walked up to the spleef portal. "Sure!" I said and jumped into the portal.

(By the way, if you do not know what spleef is. It is a game where players are placed on snow blocks. Each player has a shovel. And the others try to brake the block under the person.)

"3...2...1...Go!" The game said. I lashed around and perched myself on a snow block. Hakisto and amber were fighting. He knocked her down into lava. She died. "Oh Nu." I said and jumped to a different snow block. Hakisto came and went for Crazy. He knocked her down from...20 blocks away? That seems impossible... I had no time to think about it. I was next. He came and ran at me and knocked me down. I got back up. And broke the block under him. But he didn't fall, because...He was flying! "How are you..." he shoved me in lava. "Game!" The game said. "You flew!" I said and stood at Hakisto. "No I didn't. Your just crazy." He replied. "No I'm crazy!" Crazy said.

Chapter 2: Foe!

Afterwards me amber and Crazy went back to town. "Guys..." I said. "Yeah?" Amber said skipping along the path. "He seemed...To...Be flying..." I said knowing they wouldn't believe me. "Yeah! Hakisto got me from 20 blocks away!" Crazy said. "You guys think..." I said. "No..." amber said. "He could be a hacker?" Crazy finished. We stared at each other and exchanged worried looks. "he couldn't!" Amber said. "He could be." I said. "He...It..." crazy stuttered. "He has to be." Amber said. It was clear. Hakisto was hacking.

"What about the buildathon?! He'll clearly win!" Amber said. "What can we do?" I said looking perplexed. "We need proof!" Crazy said and looked confident. "And how do we get proof?" Amber said. "We video tape him in the act!" Crazy said. "He can just hack into that!" I objected. He probably would. I mean, he's a hacker, right? "We...Erm..." crazy said. "I have an idea!" I said and ran back to the mini games wrist the others following.

"What's your plan." Crazy said panting. I told them my plan. we agreed. "Hey Hakisto?" I said. "Yeah, reindeer?" He said. "Can you disguise into anything?" I said. "Yeah, why?" "Can you transform into a bird?" "Duh. Ez!" He morphed into a bird. "Okay how about a stick?" "Yup!" He transformed. "How about a bug?" "Yeah!" He transformed into a bug. "Gotcha!" I swooped him in a glass bottle. "Let me go!" He yelled. "Not until you confess your a Hacker!" I said. "Okay okay. I'm a hacker. Now let me go!" He squeaked. "Got that on tape amber?" "Yup." She replied. "Foolish! I can just hack into that!" He said. "Yeah? Well we also brought a admin." JIL came from the shadows. "Uh oh." Was the last thing the hacker said before he got banned.

Moral of story. Never ever ever ever, Hack.

The end!

Sorry if this story is a little odd and short. I've just been going through some stuff. Either way, hope you guys like it. :)

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Re: Adventures

Postby evered » Wed Oct 04, 2017 3:16 am

This might seem weird, but whatever, enjoy it :lol:

A Case of Soup.

Hello there my many friends.
It's nice to see you all again.
As you know this might be strange.
Because this is not what I say.
But, Today's not a usual day.

Here here, let me explain.
Even though some may say I'm going insane. (Lol)
Every time I write my verses,
I always need a purpose.
This time, I'm totally just going with the flow.
So let's try this out, here we go!

Once upon a time, a little town near the sea.
Lived me.
And of course my friends.
We love our little town.
We'd go on adventures, to islands and space.
We'd have some fun, and that's the case.
But, one day.
Came dismay.
It was amber, she was in a jam.
And so, bam!
She came to see If I could help.
Just lil' old me.
She told me that her diamond was stole.
The deed was selfish and cold.
She told me that the diamond was stole a day before now.
For Amber said "it might have been alien cows!"

I knew this was silly. But, is it just me,
Or are those cut down trees?
We raced to the cut down land.
For what is happening, is happening at hand.
The trees were still fresh from the cutting.
For the criminal left no evidence, none, zero, nothing.
Besides for... foot prints.
Perhaps the criminal was giving us hints?
We followed the prints to lead us to a home.
It was old, and alone.
The door was flung away.
Amber looked like she didn't want to stay.

We went inside the large room.
The only light source was from the moon.
The room was dark, and grey.
And it smelled as dismay.
The room lead to a frame.
Saying "No, I'm not insane."
Under it read: "Check town hall"
The frame was crooked on the wall.
"Town hall, okay let's go."
And it was so.
We ran to the hall to find a small note.
Reading: "Check the giant boat."
"What boat?" Amber said.
I shrugged and shook my head.
We ran to the nearest sea.
As a nice sea air breezed.
And if on cue, a boat was there.
I then said: "Okay wow, that was fair and square."
We boarded the vessel waiting for a note or a frame.
But, there was nothing but a name.
"Higglewart" Amber read out loud.
Then a brain braking sound,
Struck the air.
It seemed be uncared.
A person in a dark robe appeared in the room.
"Hello foolish people. I am here to make a stew."
"What are you doing? You seem quite odd."
"Nah, just a little hungry for some cod."
"Why'd you steal?"
"Just because I want a meal!"
"If we give you some food.
Will you let us out?" I said in a rather calm mood.
"Yes, I will, give me some soup and your wish is my command"
I had some soup in my inventory, so I gave him it from my hand.
"Thank you young deer."
"But, what you have done is yet to be feared."
And with that he let us go,
But we knew that wasn't the last of that Foe.

He also let us have Amber"s stolen thing.
There were even some birds that started to sing!

To be continued. :)

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Re: Adventures

Postby evered » Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:26 pm

The Hackers Return.

Chapter 1: Sheepishly Weird Rain.

I woke up as usual on a dark stormy day. "That's...That's odd, It is usually sunny in the morning..." I thought looking out the window. I went outside my door, it was raining. "Uhh..." I muttered. I walked back to my house and grabbed a umbrella. Flipped it up, then walked down to the town square. The sky was as dark as a crow in the middle of the night. "Wow..." I said looking up. Suddenly. Sheep started to fall from the sky. "Sheep?" I said and cocked my head. The sheep baed at me. "Okay then Mister sheep." Looking down the road, the others seemed to have the same reaction. "Stop raining you dumb cloud!" Jbm yelled at the cloud. Amber at her house was just swatting at some nearby sheep. I just looked there perplexed. Suddenly, thunder boomed. "Everyone in the bunker!" I yelled. I had a emergency bunker in town that I'd secretly use for writing my story when everyone else was busy. I rushed down the bunker, friends trailing behind me.

"I believe this is a hurricane." Amber pointed out. She was right, the thunder was booming, dandelion stayed safe with me. I hugged her tightly as the others were panicking in their own corners. Me, Amber, Jbm, Sir, and Zany were in the bunker huddling in our corners. Dandy as well. [If you didn't know, Dandelion is my dog. I got her after a few days after the server came up. She's...somewhere within my 100 dogs near my home] "This is so strange! There was literally no clouds in the sky yesterday!" Jbm exclaimed. He was right though, The Sky the past few days were sunny as a sundae. But, I mean, Besides the owners...No one could change the weather. And usually the owners weren't on... Who could've done this? The thunder kept rumbling. I heard someone screaming. Not in pain scream, but a scream scream. Like, someone yelling. Spam? Someone was yelling spam! [Okay, this was really hard to describe someone spamming when your writing a story, But, uh. Example: "Come try our new shaving scream and iPod and iPad and iPhone and marshmallows..." Etc.] I peeked my head out the bunker to see someone... someone...Who was in a suit... a cow in a suit.

It reminded me of Hakisto immediately. But, it was a cow, not a pig. He was spamming and...Swearing. "You little biscuit!" He yelled. [that's a curse word, in space reindeer.] "Your glad your mother is a duck!" He said. Honestly, this didn't affect me. Besides the fact, Mom makes great cookies, and she's not a duck. "You foolish humans!" He pushed his fist in the air. I was just witnessing this from my peeking hole. He seemed to be yelling at the clouds. "Us trollers will win!" He yelled. Then, Disappeared from thin air. The rain stopped. The sheep disappeared. And everything was normal.

Chapter 2: He's Back.

"Trollers?" Amber said after we got out from the town bunker. "Yeah... have you never heard of them?" I said. She shrugged. "Well, let's tell the story then..."

"A long time ago, on this server, A person named trollpop10 lived happily. He had his farm, his cows, and his friends, One day though, Trollpop went outside his house to see his farm burned to the ground. He was furious! His neighbor told him he wanted to play a joke on him. But trollpop didn't care. Instead, he decided if he had to suffer, everyone else had to also. Since then, he made a huge group for a bunch of trollers. And changed his name to Troll. Since then, trollers from around the server has been trolling and making people suffer."

"Wow...What about hackers?" "The really skilled ones made use of hacking, and made people suffer more." "Like...Hakisto..." "like Hakisto." "But...He's gone, Right?" "I'm not sure...The ban seemed to work...But hackers can be sneaky."

A couple days later, Me and jbm started to make a YouTube video. "Hey guys! Jbm here! Today we're going to play paintball with Heidi!" He said into the camera. I nodded. If you don't know what paintball is, it's a game where each player has snowballs. And you throw the snowballs at each other. They die, And each player has 3 lives. It's pretty simple. "Let's do this!" I said and pushed the start button. It shoved us in a desert map. "Three...Two...One...Go!" The game said. I rushed my way to where jbm spawns. He wasn't there. I turned around to see him behind me, he swiped a snowball at me and killed me. "Darn it!" I said. I rushed back to where jbm was. He shot a snowball at me. I dodged it. I shot one at him, Hit him! He died and respawned in his camp. "Yeah boy!" I said and looked up, I saw...someone flying? "Hakisto!" I said. "Pause the game Jbm!" I said. He lowered his snowballs. Hakisto was flying around in the air.

"What is he doing?!" Jbm said. It was pretty obvious though, he was flying in the air, Probably hacked his way into the server. He flew his way down to our level. "What do you think your doing you reindeer and stone person?" He said. "Enjoying the server, You?" I responded. "I am Y'know, just trying to hack the entire server. And oh yeah! I just muted you and jbm so you can't say anything." He was right. My mouth was shut. It reminded me strongly of when I was muted. But, that was from the careful admins. Not from a sly hacker.

Chapter 3: Hackers and Crackers

We were muted. And Hakisto was casually telling us what his plan was. "I'm going take over the server. Shut prism down for forever. And of course you stupid players will be our slaves. This server will be the hackers server. Forever." I gave jbm a worried look. He gave me a worried look back. "I'll let you guys...Hm...What shall I do to you...? Oh right you can't talk! I'll just leave you here with some spiders." He then flew away. Leaving me and jbm, and...Y'know the five hundred spiders falling from the sky. But, they died when they landed. "Hackers can hack, but they're not very smart." I thought.

I glared at jbm, he gave me a look saying "let's get outta here." I nodded. We rushed out the game. Still muted, I ran to town. I saw a note at my house. It read saying "You will be unmuted in 24 hours." "A whole day?!" I thought. "Well, least it's not the entire year. But still!" I flipped over the note to find it saying. "To do list; One: make a giant hacker army" it had a check next to it. "Two: Mute some players." "Three: stay out the way from the admins" "Four: Take over the server." "Once again, these guys are not smart." I thought. "Well, I gotta get some help for this!" I ran out my house and found some people to help me out. Amber, Crazy, Jbm, Jason, Zany, Sir, Jared, JIL, Zap, and Jsaw. I showed them all the note, they understood immediately. "You better not be trolling us.." Amber said.

"We need the location." I wrote on a note and passed to the others. They agreed. I once again wrote on a note that we should go search the entire network for the hacker. They agreed as well. Everyone spread out. I searched the spawn. I looked around and saw Hakisto atop the chandelier at spawn. I couldn't say anything so I just went back to town. When I got there, I told everyone what happened. [Told means writing on a note. Because dumb Hakisto just haaaad to mute me.] Everyone geared up for a huge fight. We went.

Chapter 4: The Clan Of Hackers.

We went to spawn to find Hakisto and about 6 other Hackers with him. "You! Are doomed!" Amber said to his face. Meanwhile I was facepalming to death. "You...Foolish little weatherman..." [As a reference to amber's signature on forums.] Hakisto snapped his fingers and the other Hackers came up to him. "We are the clan of Hackers. You think you can defeat us?!" He said "Attack!" Crazy yelled. We attacked, The Hackers attacked, we all attacked, I sliced my sword into Hakisto's side. He summoned a giant zombie. Luckily, Zombie giants hate Hackers. The zombie attacked the Hackers knocking out 3 Hackers away. JIL then banned them. "3 down, 3 to go..." Jason said.

The zombie then ran away because he's a totally chicken. Jbm, who was also muted, recorded the whole thing. And because of that, we ran away, and told the other admins. They saw the Hackers and banned them. "I hope this is the last of Hakisto." I said after being unmuted. "Yeah me too." Amber said. And with that, we end our story.

The End!

Hope ya like it. :)

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