Star Wars Battlefront II on PS4

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Reverend Michael
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Star Wars Battlefront II on PS4

Post by Reverend Michael »

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anybody would like to team up in the future to play some matches in Star Wars Battlefront II on PS4. I have tried out the game a few times over the past couple of days, and I agree with others that it is fun to play. There are large 40 player maps and smaller 8 player maps, with options in between, depending upon the type of game. I really enjoyed playing as Yota.

I have a Google+ Community that I started to help with discussion called "Reverend Michael's PS4 Community." Please feel free to look me up over there.

My PSN is Thuroros. Send me a message sometime and we'll see if some times can be set up.


-Reverend Michael

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Re: Star Wars Battlefront II on PS4

Post by Jensen »

Are you still looking for players to join you? I'm not that good, and I'd need to be trained; but, I have the game and a ps4!

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