Controls for Insurgency?

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Controls for Insurgency?

Postby Unevenest » Mon Jan 26, 2015 9:31 pm


I recently bought Insurgency off of steam a few days ago while it was on sale for 70% off.

It seems pretty fun, but I can never really get into playing to because I don't know all the controls. I looked in the settings under "options", and eventually ended up in "key bindings", but my scroll wheel is broken so I can't look down to see the rest of the controls .-.

I tried looking them up online, but it only came up with advanced controls (I need to know the basics, such as switching weapons, crouching, etc). I guess no one has really had the problem before since their scroll wheel works and the controls are listed ingame.

Anyways, if someone here plays this game, it'd be much appreciated if you replied with a list of the controls

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