On 1st September I will be releasing Absolute Territory, my first commercial game on Steam for PC. I need your help.

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On 1st September I will be releasing Absolute Territory, my first commercial game on Steam for PC. I need your help.

Post by centaurianmudpig »

A bit about me
My name is Dan and I am the sole developer for] Absolute Territory: The Space Combat Simulator (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1130 ... Territory/). Development began when there was very little interest in making space combat simulation games. Rather than wait for someone else to make one I'd enjoy, I decided to make my own.

I have a love of Sci-fi. Watching the original 70's Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Buck Rogers, Star Trek, Babylon 5 in my youth enflamed a passion within.

I spent many hours playing Wing Commander on my Amiga 500. As time went on, I found that I enjoyed playing this genre, somewhere in between arcade and realistic simulation, which the Wing Commander series hovered around (with the one exception).

A bit about my game

Absolute Territory is the single-player sci-fi space combat action game set in a futuristic setting with 11 flyable space superiority fighters and ginormous warships to destroy. Reclaim Bold Peace from the invading Endophora and restore your empires Absolute Territory. Experience a 21 mission story-driven campaign directed by briefings. Improve your skills in the waves game mode, then push yourself to the limit in the gauntlet challenge.

The in-game level editor is truly what makes this different from any recent entries into the genre. It's accessible, as it included directly into the game and user friendly where you can quickly get a custom mission up and running in less than a few minutes. Variety comes from Conditional Actions (think when something happens, do something else), which can be chained together for creating complex events. These are used to drive a mission forward for events to happened and respond to the player and the game world. Custom missions can be shared on the Steam Workshop in just a few clicks.

While there the violence consists of combat against enemy ships, there is no swearing or foul language.

  • Pull of maneuvers like never before with Newtonian flight physics
  • Master 11 types of space superiority fighterreate your own adventures with the in-game level editor
  • Share and play community-created missions with Steam Workshop
  • 90s space sim nostalgia rekindled
I need your help!

To be favored by Steam and be put in front of more gamers who enjoy space dogfighting games Steam needs to believe Absolute Territory is worth its attention. For that to happen, I need wishlists. Specifically, I need your wishlist to make this game a success.

Head on over to the Absolute Territory: The Space Combat Simulator store page and hit that wishlist button.
Store page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1130 ... Territory/

Absolute Territory will be released on Steam for PC on the 1st, September 2020.

Feel free to AMA about Absolute Territory. I look forward to answering any questions.

TL;DR: Wishlist Absolute Territory: The Space Combat Simulator so that the algorithm will try to sell it to more people who like the genre.

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