And so....

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And so....

Post by airpa »

The war begins! To many of my friends that play Skyrim have been attacked by druggies and dealers (Dang Skooma) so now we all (Though I wish it was multiplayer) have set out to wage war in each of our own games to purge Skyrim of the Drug Dealers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first place is Riften. :D

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Re: And so....

Post by ChickenSoup »

I shall join you in spirit, friend, much in the same way that I purged Cyrodiil of necromancers in Oblivion and Vvardenfell of slavery in Morrowind.
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Re: And so....

Post by DarthDapor »

<.< *snorts some moon sugar*

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Re: And so....

Post by Pheonix »

DarthDapor wrote:<.< *snorts some moon sugar*
It gives you stamina!
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