minecraft tekkit server

For all those action games like Mario, Mega Man, Zelda, God of War, and stuff.
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Re: minecraft tekkit server

Postby micah211 » Thu Sep 26, 2013 6:02 pm

I know this is old but Feed The Beast is pretty cool. The owners are nice and if anybody tries it and gives money to the owners it goes to charity. it is a free modpack and it has cool stuff like twilight forest in it.
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Both are family friendly!

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Re: minecraft tekkit server

Postby zekesnack » Fri Sep 27, 2013 3:06 pm

pretty sure we have all played it
Oh no you didn't!

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This reminds me of Minecraft builds.

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Re: minecraft tekkit server

Postby Psalm_51 » Fri May 02, 2014 1:15 am

I agree, tekkit is sweet. Try the volts mod if you like big explosions.

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Re: minecraft tekkit server

Postby [email protected] » Wed Jun 25, 2014 3:00 am

My favorite two are Yogbox and attack of the B-Team

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