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Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 5:06 am
by ChickenSoup
...because I have no idea where else to put it.

Anyway, has anyone else played this? It's pretty fun.

Re: Terraria

Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 12:25 pm
by ccgr
Jay's brothers play it, I've seen it and Jay wants it.

Re: Terraria

Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2011 4:59 am
by ChickenSoup
It's really cool... 10 bucks isn't too bad, I am wishing I had gotten the "30 bucks for 4 keys" deal to get other people to play. It's like a 2D minecraft that lends itself better to RPG elements.

Heck, I should just play it extensively for a few days and write a review... I <3 it. Don't take that as a guarantee, just as a possibility.

Re: Terraria

Posted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 10:07 am
by Syksy
I bought it and had 20h+ of fun with friends. The game ran out of content pretty fast though, as I got the best gear and had no trouble killing any of the bosses anymore.

I haven't tested out the latest added content though. IMO Minecraft is still way better, but Terraria was a fresh new thing with a twist of Minecraft in it. Fighting-wise Terraria is better, but it's the crafting and building that makes motivation for Minecraft last way longer. In a 2D-world the things you can build are much more simple anyway, although I did see some funny looking stuff (pixel art, biodomes etc) that people built in Terraria.