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Re: John Bible study

Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 2:41 pm
by ccgr
I like getting recognized but I don't like taking all the credit since many times there are multiple people involved. I don't think one is better a long as you are not prideful and let the recognition go to your head.

1. From God to honor God.

2. Jesus' followers

3. Life in heaven with Christ after we die.

4. He is praying for his followers, her is not praying for the unbelievers

5. protection, sanctification, unity

6. The evil one, total victory, satan cannot snatch us from God's hand

7. To live in the world but not get caught up into it, we have to stay focused on eternal things not temporary ones.

8. To have us set apart in truth

9. To be unified like Christ and God are...I have not seen this kind of unity very often...we have so many denominations these days :\ Occasionally scholars do agree though :P

Our church is Biblical and unified, they are truly seeking God will and it shows. I just get involved and help where I can to do Gods will. I should seperate myself from the world a bit more. I'm honored to have Christ praying for me and on my side. It's awesome! Prayer is powerful and if you pray for Gods will to be done be prepared for amazing things to happen.

Re: John Bible study

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2011 7:13 am
by Chozon1
Usually I feel alone either late at night, or when I'm with a lot of people. A party, or such. I pray, hang out with the dogs...usually some sort of munchie is nearby (especially at parties) helps too. I usually feel most connected to people when I am nowhere near them. :D Or if I have something to help them with.

1) Jesus knew what was going to happen, and he gave his life up, it wasn't taken from him. If Jesus had been wrenched from out of hiding in some dark building, it would have appeared he had been hiding and wanting to preserve his life.

2) So the prophecies could be fulfilled. It was appointed to happen in that hour. The priests may also have not wanted the common man to see they were arresting the one who had only done them good.

3) The drew back and fell over. Those were similar to the same words God told Moses when Moses asked who He was. I'm not sure why they fell back, but I imagine some of Jesus original authority welled over onto them.

4) Protection from all evil. Protection from going through what he was about to. They're both pulled from prophecy from the bible.

5) He reacted violently, like a desperate man who's loved one was being captured and who's hopes were being washed down the turlet. Jesus rebuked him because it was in fulfillment of the prophecies about him, and because His kingdom was not of this world.

6) I think he was afraid of being captured.

7) Peter had been restored by Jesus before his ascent, then filled with the Holy Spirit.

8) Jesus had openly proclaimed his teachings in the synagogues, before the peoples, and pretty much everywhere. The high priest had no need to hear it straight from Jesus (since he could've, and probably had, heard it everywhere) and was just going to argue with him.

Stunned, embarrassed. Maybe even angry. I think he felt sort of rushed, and breathless when talking to the girl, since his answer would burn him either way. To say yes was to join Jesus in his trial, and whatever happened afterwards. To say no was to turn on Jesus, but also to stay free. I think he felt sickeningly shocked, and hopeless after the rooster crowed, and it dawned on him what he had done. I've felt like that before. Even though we fail Jesus a lot, he'll never give up on us, and he will restore us. Peter didna run to Jesus and ask his forgiveness, Jesus found Peter and forgave him.

Re: John Bible study

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2011 6:23 pm
by ccgr
I rarely feel alone, I typically have a kid or a dog trying to get my attention. But I do feel alone when the girls are in school and Aaron is in preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's hard for me to feel connected at church since there isn't a women's group that's compatible with my kids school schedule. ;\ I do spend time with my friends through and that's nice.

1. Jesus wasn't trying to avoid His fate. He knew that his life would be demanded from Him and it was time.

2. It wasn't a legitimate arrest, Jesus did nothing wrong.

3. they drew back and fell to the ground, I'm assuming they were astonished of His power.

4. Jesus protected His disciples while he was with them on earth. Just like He promised. But he did warn them of persecution after he would die.

5. He cut off the guards ear. Jesus could have stopped this at any moment but He didn't.

6. Fear for his life. But he regretted it.

7. Jesus forgave Peter and had him re-affirm his love for Him. Since Peter witnessed Christ's resurrection he knew that Christ was God and worthy of dying for.

8. Christ did nothing wrong..why should he have to defend Himself?

Peter probably didn't understand that Jesus was following His father's will and wanted to offer His life instead of saving it. Peter was scared that his life was in danger. After the rooster crowed I'm sure he felt horrible. I have felt guilt before and often wish I could stand up better for Christ. Jesus forgives and restores us, what more could we ask for?

Re: John Bible study

Posted: Thu Sep 15, 2011 6:43 am
by Chozon1
I was homeschooled, so my mom was my teacher...have to be careful with that one.

I felt that way sometimes, but I can't remember a specific instance of unfairness.

1) It would have made them unclean. They were actually taking part in killing the passover lamb at the trial.

2) That his kingdom wasn't going to be an earthly monarchy, but something bigger from heaven.

3) Metaphysical weapons; the armor of God and the sword of the spirit, rather than Kevlar vest and a chainsaw.

4) That Jesus was completely innocent. Even Pilate could find no reason to charge him.

That Pilate simply gave in to the crowds demands because he was afraid of them.

5) Perhaps to assuage the Jews anger.

6) That he chose to go through this, and had love and humility beyond measure.

7) They presented their case as "this guy claims to be God's son, and has to die because of it". Which of course freaked Pilate out. He was perhaps about to pronounce judgment over the son of a god. Either we, Pilate knew Jesus was innocent, and tried to set him free.

8) Pilate had power over Jesus because God had given it to him Pilate wasn't as guilty, but still shared some of the guilt, because it went down according to God's plan.

9) Pretty much, anyone who tried to set themselves up as king aside from Caesar, or outside of his authority, was a dead man. The Jews made Pilate afraid that he would catch backlash if he let a King go free.

10) They were not serving God, but rather their own thirst for power. They claimed they had no king but Caesar, when God was supposed to be their true king.

Jesus the innocent died in place of Barabbas, the murderer. He is the rightful king of this world, yet he underwent unjust torture only because of love, and did it without reacting to his captors. And I get grumpy if I get blamed for something I didna do, and usually take it out on my accuser. Sadly, I think I identify with Pilate. :\ I tend to do stupid or wrong things because I am afraid of the consequences otherwise.

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Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 5:19 pm
by ccgr
I remember when I was growing up that if I was grounded for a week I was grounded for a week. If my brother was grounded for a week it was like 4-5 days. :(

1. It would have made them unclean and unable to partake in passover. They were killing the one who could redeem them.

2. Jesus' kingdom is in heaven.

3. with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God

4. Pilot found no fault in Jesus. Pilot relented to the crown even though he found Him to be innocent

5. Perhaps he thought that would appease the people, it didn't.

6. The humiliated Christ..even though Jesus could have called in legions of angels to end it, he didn't.

7. They said that Jesus was disrespecting Caesar and in doing so he deserved death. They went further to say that if Pilot didn't carry out the crucifixion that he would be no friend of Caesar's . Pilot caved in.

8. Pilot is just a puppet, though he's not as guilty as Judas for turning Christ in the first place. Pilot at least recognized that Christ was innocent and tried to avoid killing Him. Ultimately it was unavoidable.

9. They said that Jesus was disrespecting Caesar and in doing so he deserved death. They went further to say that if Pilot didn't carry out the crucifixion that he would be no friend of Caesar's.

10. They put Caesar above God which violates the first commandment

God is a God of second chances. We are not worthy to be in His presence but we have that opportunity and if we sin, He'll forgive us if we ask for it and mean it.

Jesus is totally humble, I don't know if I could have gone through with that without losing my cool. :( I think I could relate with Pilot..I can see myself caving in to peer pressure. :(

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Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 7:19 am
by Chozon1
People predicted I would marry my best friend (the one who was a girl, thank you very much), be a genius, eat spinach, and be a preacher. I'll eat spinach sometimes, but only when it's been covered with dough and cheese. The rest? Yeaaaaaaaaah. I predict my kids will have a weird dad, and that God will be with them.

1) Jesus, though innocent, was counted among the criminals.

2) Pilate may have been paying Jesus a complement. As in "This man was truly the greatest among you".

They wanted to avoid bringing the meteor of Rome down on their heads, for one I think. They may also have believed that God was their king (which is true).

Jesus was their rightful King, since not only was He God, but also a descendant of David.

3) Jesus was undoubtedly the real Messiah. The odds of one man fulfilling all those prophecies by random chance are astronomical.

4) He didn't just use his mom as a way for his entrance to the world, but truly loved her, and wanted her cared for in his physical absence.

5) They did as God had laid out beforehand, acting out of ignorance and doing what they did for various reasons. Jesus, however, took part in a story he had written already.

6) He had finished doing all the work God had planned for him to do.

7) Jesus was not forcibly murdered, or made to die. He planned it, and gave away his life of his own volition.

8) That he was actually human, and died the way a human would. Only a real death would work as a sacrifice, and Jesus needed to be fully human in order to truly live a sinless life, rather than just pretend to be tempted.

9) Jesus was our Passover lamb, and the Passover lamb could not have its bones broken.

It's comforting to me, since though I try to do what Jesus wants, I know I biff up a lourd of the time. And even then, God knows what He's doing and has a plan. I don't know that I would've been evaluating whether this man had achieved success or not, really. O_o Still, as a man who never hit it rich, but worked as a carpenter for a few years before becoming a traveling preacher, I 'spose by the worlds standards, by our logic, Jesus was not 'successful'. Which is crazy.

As another 'aside' I recently learned that the gall mixed into the vinegar or wine was actually a narcotic, and it was a 'tradition' of sorts for the women to offer it to those being crucified. So Jesus actually refused something which could have lessened his pain.

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Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:59 pm
by ccgr
With my love for animals they predicted that I would be a vet. My allergies got in the way of that one. My kids are to young to predict, I just hope they are godly and good spouses.

1. Jesus was the only innocent one there, the other two deserved to be there

2. Pilate knew that Christ was not an ordintary man. The Jews objected to the title and Pilate didn't change it because I think he believed what he has inscribed.

3. They all fulfilled prophecy.

4. He is thorough and care for the wellbeing of Mary

5. Jesus fulfilled more prophesies than anyone else, many beyond His human control

6. The debt has been paid and His purpose fulfilled.

7. It was His to give, He could have died at another time if He wanted

8. That He was human not a spiritual being, and that He was dead

9. As predicted, they didn't break His legs since He was already dead.

I think its awesome that God uses anyone and everyone to fulfill His plans. If I was at Calvary I would feel horrible for what Jesus had to endure for me and the rest of us sinners. I would feel sad and thankful for His sacrifice...I would be awestruck by His humility.


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Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:09 am
by Chozon1
A few times. Usually when given something.

1) He left the grave clothes behind. He wasn't dead anymore.

2) I think it was because he wasn't on earth to stay, but was going back to God.

He wanted Thomas to believe, and not doubt him.

3) Significance, I guess. The grave couldn't hold him in, and locked doors cannot keep Him out.

4) Because Jesus had made peace with them, and given them peace by his death.

5) Jesus came to to die on the cross to save our lives, and to give us full life. The disciples were to go out and preach and teach these things.

6) The Holy Spirit. When it comes upon them (or maybe at Pentecost).

7) He breathed on them, and throughout the OT Gods breath stands for life, or the Spirit.

8) The authority of the to preach the forgiveness of sins. Like he did, with Grace and Love.

9) John wrote his gospel to tell others about Jesus, so that they might come to know the truth. He didn't add in all of what Jesus did to save space. No one wants to heft a 7-ton scroll.

I dunno. I'd be mildly dumbstruck, I suppose. I mean...this *is* evangelism. It's why he wrote it. I fear I would've reacted like Thomas. Or maybe been to sunk within my own grief to listen. I can try telling others the good news. And love them in such a way that Jesus get's the credit.

Though why that makes my stomach burble, I do not know.

Re: John Bible study

Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2011 8:31 pm
by ccgr
When I win raffles :)

1. That he was alive and thorough enough to fold them.

2. He doesn't want her to get attached since he won't be around much longer. He wanted Thomas to believe that He was indeed the same guy that was dead.

3. Even though Jesus was physical he was also spiritual and able to go anywhere locked or not, through walls etc.

4. By dying on the cross Christ brought us peace with God

5. Jesus came done to do Gods will now its our turn to spread the gospel

6. The Holy Spirit

7. He breathed on them giving them spiritual life

8. To forgive sins like their sins have been forgiven

9. What bigger miracle than Jesus coming back to life? Jesus did plenty of miracles before he was crucified...nothing compares to rising from the dead!

Jesus rose from the dead, there are witnesses. All the prophets of the other religions are still dead. Not impressed.

I would have ran to the grave to see for myself.

I want to reach out to youth ministries at various churches and spread awareness of this site so we can get more Christian (and non-Christian) gamers here

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Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2011 6:49 am
by Chozon1
I've learned a lot of new stuffs. Nothing I can tangibly point out, but I know multiple times in this study there have been points where I was like "O wow I didna know dat".

1) I think Peter was fishing because he did not think he was a disciple anymore, so he went back to his day job. The other mays have been with him simply to be with him, or because they honestly did not know where to go from there.

2) They were fishing when Jesus found them. They had worked all night and caught nothing. When Jesus told them where to fish, they caught more than they could handle. Peter recognized him as Lord both times. Both times Jesus called them away from what they were doing to something better.

3) Without Jesus, we can do nothing.

4) With their new 'jobs' there were plenty of 'fish' that needed catching.

5) No matter how many people get saved, Jesus will never let them go.

6) To show them that he already had what they wanted and needed.

7) So that they would know he was reinstated.

8) To make up for the three denials Peter made.

9) To let the disciples know that they would suffer for him, and that it was according to his plan that it happened, not because they were doing something wrong.

10) We need to not focus on judging others, and serve God.

I think he felt a strange mixture of excitement and dread. I think he felt hurt, but it probably also occurred to him that he had denied Jesus three times. Overjoyed, happy beyond words and that ringing joy that only comes from knowing you're truly forgiven.

That he is infinitely loving and forgiving. Even when I screw up, He still loves me. I think that knowing that can keep us walking onward, but also the knowledge that following Jesus tends to get you under attack from the enemy.

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Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2011 9:55 pm
by ccgr
This study has made me want to stand up for Christ more without caving in to peer pressure.

1. They tried to go back to their "normal" lives

2. Jesus found them fishing both times and helped them catch fish and when He called, they followed.

3. We can't do anything without God. With Christ anything is possible.

4. There are a lot of people out there that need to hear the message and become save.

5. Logically you'd think it would rip being over capacity but Jesus is in control and all things are possible.

6. A truly last supper and to show them that he can provide for their needs.

7. So that he's is redeemed and reaffirms his love and commitment to Christ

8. To undo the three denials

9. Jesus warned that the world would hate His followers and that their deaths would not be in vain or meaningless

10. We need to mind our own business and concern ourselves with our walk with Christ

I think Peter was happy to see Jesus ans was hurt that Jesus asked him three times if he loved him. When Jesus asked him to follow him I think he felt redeemed. I'm glad that Jesus forgives and redeemed us to make us whole. We have to keep an eye on the big picture, we tend to focus on minute things. ;)

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Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 1:46 am
by Elamod
I love the book of John. I'm actually going through a class now in college called "writings of John." One of the greatest things I love about this book is how Deep and theological it is for believers further in their faith, but also how straight forward it is for those newer in their faith.