Rules and Guidelines for Trades

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Rules and Guidelines for Trades

Postby Kendrik » Sun May 25, 2008 10:10 am

With an exciting new way to buy and sell games on our forum, it's important that we set up some solid rules and guidelines to make sure that everyone is able to get the most out of these trades. The rules are to be followed directly. We have no way to enforce many of them, but they are in place for your own good. Where necessary (and possible), the staff has every right to enforce the rules. The guidelines, on the other hand, are not things that we are going to enforce, but they are good ideas that we recommend you go with in order to make your trading experiences the best they can be.

A word of warning. We at CCGR will do our best to give you a good environment for trading gaming items, but we are not responsible in any way for any trades you pursue. We want to help minimize your risks, but all trades take place at your own risks.

I'll try to make these rules as simple and reasonable as possible. I'll give explanations of how they are to be followed, as well as why they're in place. If a rule doesn't make sense to you, go ahead and ask questions about them here. If you have ideas for how the rules could be improved, please share them here as well.

  • Minors (those less than 18 years of age) must have the consent of their parents before participating in any trades on this forum.
    The reason for this is simple, we don't want you interacting with people you met on this website in any way other than the website without your parents' approval. Even on a forum like this, that we strive to make as safe as possible, the internet is not an inherently safe place for giving out your home address.
  • All shipments must have shipping confirmation and tracking.
    In unregulated trading systems like this, it is important to be able to prove that you have upheld your end of the bargain. Tracking is fairly inexpensive and removes a great deal of hassle for the shipper.
  • All purchases must be made through PayPal.
    This rule may cause some inconvenience, but it is worthwhile. The use of PayPal makes it simple to send money in a safe way (no cash in the mail, no bank account numbers on checks), and it can speed up the purchasing process (no wait for the moving of funds). A very small percentage of the transaction may be charged to the seller as a processing fee, but the the convenience, speed, and security, of PayPal makes it worthwhile. (Adjust the selling price slightly if you feel it is necessary.)
  • Offer specifics must be made through Private Messages; leave a comment regarding interest in a given item and sent offer in the original poster's thread.
    This rule may seem a bit odd, but it is in place to keep threads clean and free of public bartering. Nobody here wants to see the progression of an offer. Members engaged in the bartering may not want their offers known for whatever reason.
  • Trade threads are not to be used for conversations.
    This rule is meant to keep trade threads focused. We want you to discuss the various gaming items here on CCGR, but we want to keep the business section as organized as possible. Simple questions regarding an item's condition is fine, but please refrain from taking up conversations about the items here.
  • Adult Only-rated games cannot be traded here.
    These games are not handled by mainstream retailers, and they will not be bought or sold here.
  • Hardware sales must have pictures with them.
    A picture paints a thousand words. That cliche applies here. If you are selling a piece of gaming hardware (system, accessory, computer part, etc.), include a picture of it. Doing this will help convince potential buyers by verifying the physical condition of what you are selling. (Do not use a stock photo from a website.)
  • Game sales must have a brief description of their condition.
    Please be as accurate as possible when describing the condition of a game (such as disc scratches, etc.). Also, include information on what is included with the game (disc, case, manual, etc.).

That's a fairly short list of rules. They may change if deemed necessary, but they are easy to follow and work out for the best of everyone involved. The guidelines below are things that we'd consider to be generally good ideas, or ideas pertaining to trade etiquette, but they will not be enforced.

  • No lowballing.
    If you know that a game often sells for $20 on Amazon, please don't offer someone $5 for it. Please respect a seller's asking price.
  • Be honest in your pricing.
    Please don't play the eBay game of charging excess on shipping or anything else of this nature. Individual games are fairly inexpensive to ship (even when shipping them well, via First Class USPS, with tracking options). Moreover, if you are going to post an asking price in a thread, please don't set it high in expectation of people wanting to drive down the price.
  • Use the outside market as a basis for your pricing.
    Compare prices on your gaming items on websites like, Amazon, and Gamestop, to determine what is a fair price for your item in its condition. This will help sellers list at an appealing price, and it will help buyers and traders know what is a good and fair deal.
  • Accept being turned down on an offer.
    Please don't try to pressure someone into accepting your trade regardless of how great of a deal you think you are offering that person. If someone says "no" to your offer, change your offer or let it be.
  • Be open to trading.
    Selling games for cash is perfectly fine, but you may get better deals by pursuing trades. If you are open to trading (as opposed to setting a fixed price on a game), it may be in your best interest to leave off an asking price in favor of leaving it to others to make offers.
  • Give brief descriptions/ratings of the items you are selling.
    A full review is far from necessary, but it may be beneficial to sales to give a personal comment on the item. (Example: This game is a lengthy Japanese RPG with great characterizations. I'd give it a 9/10. Be warned that there is a bit of cussing, though.)
  • Maintain a thread for your trades.
    Instead of creating a new thread for every gaming item you want to buy, sell, or trade, you can more easily have a single thread that you update whenever you need to with new items (or item requests). In your first post, have a list of games/items you are looking to get rid of and a list of games/items you are looking to get. Then, update this whenever something new is added or removed. Along with that, write a new post in that thread containing the actual update. This keeps things organized for you, and it makes it easier for everyone else to see what you are buying and selling.
  • Use USPS First Class shipping for individual games.
    USPS First Class shipping is roughly the same price as USPS Media Mail (and cheaper than UPS Ground or FedEx Ground) for an average, DVD-case game. The transit time is much faster, though, and you can get cheap tracking/delivery confirmation through this means. For multiple games, USPS Media Mail is a viable alternative, and it is your next best choice (though you can only have Delivery Confirmation on Media Mail packages instead of full tracking).
  • Make sure that you receive payment before sending your items.
    This doesn't really apply to trades, but, as common sense should dictate, be sure to receive the full payment for your gaming items before sending them away.

And with that, I'll wrap up the rules and guidelines for trading on CCGR. Remember, rules must be followed; guidelines are just good ideas. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, don't hesitate to share them.

Have fun expanding your gaming collections!

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Re: Rules and Guidelines for Trades

Postby epsons » Sun May 25, 2008 6:52 pm

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