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My Heart/Relationship with Jesus

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2018 6:37 pm
by DizzeyMCdonald
I have noticed I have become more selfish with myself. I noticed myself being more bitter doing the things of God because I want to do my own thing. I havent always been like this. Its been a long slump! I want to be able to surrender to jesus and serve him with FULL JOY again, in fact, more joy than I ever had. I dont want to have this selfishness in my heart and I would also appreciate prayer for me to become closer to Jesus! I want to be filled with the holy spirit and his love and to be able to pray all day everyday without getting "Bored" A deeper interest in his word as well!

Re: My Heart/Relationship with Jesus

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2018 8:53 pm
by ccgr
Praying, that's a goal for all of us! :)

Re: My Heart/Relationship with Jesus

Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 5:10 pm
by J.K. Riki
Indeed something that hopefully convicts us all! For a long time I wanted to be selfish, but didn't out of Duty. Then I abandoned that duty and chose to be selfish. Now, thank God himself, I WANT to be selfless more and more.

That change in the heart, to WANT to not be selfish, is a beautiful thing. It doesn't mean we're magically cured of those selfish desires, but it means we're on our way. :)

Prayers for you as you continue the journey! Don't hesitate to post if you're struggling and we'll all chime in and encourage you. That's a joy of fellowship.

Re: My Heart/Relationship with Jesus

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:58 pm
by Beastbot
I'll certainly pray for you. I struggle with that often myself.

Re: My Heart/Relationship with Jesus

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:53 pm
by MattNickPooz
Hey Dizzy! I'm glad to see you got whitelisted and have joined the server!

I came on here to post a request and was floored and humbled by yours. I don't think there's anything better to pray for than being closer to Christ.
Thank you for the reminder!

Your desire to be closer to God is evidence of Him working in your heart. Be comforted and encouraged. But as the saying goes, "strike while the iron's hot", now is the time for you to diligently pursue Him. Respond to His invitation and call. There is a common purpose and plan that God has for all people: that we should be like Him in character, holy and righteous. We were designed for this. And with His help, we can grow to be more like Him. He's always ready to help us if we will reach out to Him.

Something that has helped me in my struggle with selfishness is to consider my existence 1000 years from now. Most of the things that are happening right now will not matter in 1000 years. But there are some things that we can do that will matter. In the scope of 1000 years, does it matter whether we go to this movie or that one? this restaurant or that one? No, but it does matter whether or not in this moment we show patience and kindness. It matters whether or not we deny our self, take up our cross, and follow Christ. Thinking about my existence 1000 years from now helps me take my desire off the present things around me, and helps me put it on things that have eternal value.

Another thing that has helped me is to re-evaluate the word "need". When you think about it, it's surprising how little we really "need". Jesus said "one thing is needed". And that was to sit at His feet, to listen to His word, and be with Him. He also said "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness." The other things that we sometimes think we "need" will be added to us according to His providence and wisdom. He knows what we need even better than we do :) And He loves us. We should trust and strive to imitate Him.

One last thing that has helped me through out my life is to search for ways to use my time and energy to "help others". This requires some wisdom because we're not trying to just make others happy. It's a desire for others to be benefited, primarily by them growing closer to God. I've found that when I spend my thoughts and attention on trying to benefit others this way, I have less to spend on myself :) And the one thing that can help others grow closer to God the most is for us to demonstrate walking with God in our own lives.

I'll pray for you. Would you also please pray for me and the rest of us that our desire to be closer to God would grow?