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Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive was released to the public in 2012 and can be played on various platforms such as OS X, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Steam, Linux and PlayStation 3.

Counter Strike is a multiplayer game in which a player can join either the Counter-terrorist or the Terrorist team. Its main objective  is to eliminate the opponent. The game is over when all the players in one team are dead, or the objective of the team is completed.

Development of Counter Strike: Global Offensive

A year after the release of the game, cosmetic items were added like weapon finishes. These cosmetic items were obtained through opening virtual crates and game-end drops that could be purchased through microtransactions just like in Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2.

Another update was made in October 2014. This time music kits were added, thus replacing the default in-game music.  The kit could also be borrowed, exchanged or sold within the community market.

The good thing about the new version is that the player needs not download maps by using third party sites. It’s because in Global Offensive, the player can upload content such as weapon finishes. They can also map and customize gameplay scenarios.

Game Modes

The game features five different modes namely:

•    Competitive or Classic Casual – This is the most played mode of the game and it involves Hostage Scenario and Bomb Scenario missions. The players can buy gear and weapons using the money earned after completing the objectives.

•    Arms Race – This mode gives the players a new weapon as a reward for each kill that they make. The first player who gets the golden knife will win the game.

•    Demolition – In this game mode, the player is given rewards, such as new weapon after each round. The reward can be used for the next round.

•    Deathmatch – The player can earn points from each kill that has been made using different weapons. This game mode consists of 10 minutes of matches, and bonus weapons can be obtained if the player chooses to respawn.

Global Offensive also offers offline game modes such as the Weapon course and Offline with Bots. Playing the game online is more exciting because it allows the player to filter the game modes, adjust the built-in system and use maps. The player can also use cheats and have the opportunity to find the player that can match your skill levels, making the whole experience extra enjoyable. Playing Global Offensive on PC is also supported by private dedicated servers that let the player connect with the community server.

Game Tournaments

The creator of Counter Strike: Global Offensive is offering events and tournaments. The prizes are bigger as compared to other online games tournaments and the fund is generated by the community through different sources such as special in-game cosmetics and open in-game cases. Likewise, merchandises are sold during the tournament.

Last October 2015, Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament was held and more than $7.5 million prize money was awarded. There are major tournaments that are attended by huge audiences watching live and millions of people watching through the internet.


There's no doubt that Counter Strike: Global Offensive has become more popular. With a lot of games, both new and old competing in the market, it has managed to stay on the top. To access more games, you can try JoyLand Free games online.

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