Thank you Falco Ink for sending us this DVD to review!

Any Day is the story of a boxer named Vian (Sean Bean), who was recently released from prison after serving twelve years for killing a man with his bare hands.  Now that he is free, he must find a place to live and a job to get back on his feet.  His sister, who is a single mom, lets him stay in her garage for a couple of weeks as long as he stays sober.  Her son Jimmy bonds with Vian instantly and appreciates his staying there since he does not have any friends or a father to talk to.

Finding work is difficult for Vian since most places don't want to hire an ex-convict.   Vian does eventually find work at a pizzeria that many school kids hang out at. His boss (Tom Arnold) is a recovering alcoholic that instantly trusts Vian enough to offer him a partnership opportunity if he can come up with $15,000.  

Since Vian doesn't have $15,000, a house, or a car of his own, the partnership opportunity seems unlikely unless a miracle happens.  God is brought up several times and it seems that everyone is a Christian with the exception of Vian.  Even though God is clearly at work in his life, Vian doesn't acknowledge his handiwork.  

Despite the religious references, Any Day is a mature movie and should not be seen around kids.  There are alcohol and drug references along with language and violent scenes.  While Vian doesn't have much going for him, he does manage to win over a woman out of his league (Eva Longoria) and a sex scene is shown as a result.  

Because of the appropriateness issues, I doubt conservative Christians will enjoy this movie.  For everyone else, the story is mediocre and worth a rental at best.  I will admit that there was one scene that brought tears to my eyes, but I won't spoil the story here.   Lastly, the picture/editing quality could have been better as there were scenes that flickered black that made my hubby wonder if there was something wrong with our projector.  Since it was repeatable, we discovered it's a movie quality issue.  Overall, the story and the editing  could have used more work.  I recommend renting this movie before buying it.

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