Neighbors From Hell PC rated T for Comic Mischief,Mild Violence,Suggestive Themes
Neighbors From Hell is one of the most creative games I have played in a long time. It is hilarious to watch, but you should keep it away from anyone under 12-13 years old, as it encourages stupidity.


The graphics on this game are sooo funny! They look like the show Walace and Gromit! When you neighbor slips on the marbles and bends his back...LOL. The animations are good, but the people look like they are made of clay.


The sound is also very good. You hear funny noises when you squirt glue onto things, and you hear your neighbor\'s angry chattering when you tick him off.

Game play

The gameplay, while fun, is very simple. You need to get the items needed, then use them to pull various pranks on your big, fat, neighbor. How much better does it get?


Ok. There is not much offensive content in this game. Mainly, the word \'hell\' is in the title. You pull pranks on your neighbor, some of them which might be considered cruel(e.g. putting dynamite in birthday cake, mousetrap in mailbox). But this is all done in a cartoonish sort of way. I reccomend this to anyone who wants to blow away seven or eight hours, and to anyone at all!
Graphics B- Sound A Gameplay A Appropriateness C

Overall: B-

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