In this game, you get to race real model jet skis. There are many designs and models to choose from. (Only one model in the demo) To be honest I personally wasn\'t impressed with this game. There are better racing games out there. The game itself is easy to install. The graphics are decent. It supports joystick but no force feed back. I recommend increasing the sensitivity on your controls I found it way to difficult to maneuver with the defaults. The game itself is not that fun. Mainly beacuse of the difficulty controlling your jet ski, if you can\'t steer it very well what are your chances of winning? From a Christian stand point, I don\'t see anything wrong with this game. I personally like the disclaimer in the beginning saying, that this is a game if you do this in real life you could get hurt. Oh and wear a helmet.

Final Ratings

Appropriate: 5/5 Interface: 3/5 Game Play: 3/5 Music/Sound: 2.5/5 Graphics: 3/5 Stability: 5/5

Overall 72%