System Requirements CPU 133MHz, 16MB Ram Windows with DirectX 7

How do I play?

Well you?re a little ball that can bounce around and change colors. You have to match your color with the color block you are trying to destroy. Be careful because there are colored skull tiles too. If you hit the same color or a wooden skull tile you?ll explode. Be careful what you bounce off of! All the blocks must be destroyed in order to complete the level. Many levels can be completed in various ways but some levels require you to think and only have one solution.

Moving on

There are five worlds with six levels each (thirty levels total). The next area will become available after you complete 5 out of 6 levels. That way if a level really annoys you, you can still move on. There are ten save slots and they keep track of the percent completed of the game. What am I up against? There are spinning Jack-O-Lanterns and exploding fruits that you can manipulate into destroying blocks for you. Don\'t let them touch you though!

Special items

You can use a heart block to smash blocks, and there are power hearts that can blast up to 5 blocks for you.


Nothing too spectacular here; most puzzle games are not known for their great graphics, and this is no exception. The levels are clearly laid out and the objects are easy to distinguish.


There are some sound effects for smashing blocks and bouncing around. If you find either annoying you can disable them. When you beat a level you will hear a male or female say \'Cool!\'. It adds a nice touch.


You can use the arrow keys or the number pad keys on your keyboard. There is no customization available. I did notice the mouse movement was a little slow at the main screens.


This game is perfectly clean unless you object to the skull tiles and Jack-O-Lanterns. I would recommend this game to anyone; it?s good, clean, and free fun.

Did you say free?

Yes this game is freeware and it?s available for download from CCGR or from the maker at www.blueskied.com/summer_bound.htm It?s a little under a megabyte. I would recommend this game to any puzzle lover.

Final Ratings

Appropriate A Game Play A Graphics C Sound C+ Interface B Stability A

Overall 82%

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