Postal 2 is a somewhat non-linear game that takes place in Paradise, Arizona. You play The postal dude and run errands for him and his wife.


The graphics are alright but I cannot say they are all that good. The weapons look quite well. However the people look horrid. There are few cut scenes in the game as there is really no plot whatsoever.


The sound is alright although there is not that much of it. Most of the music you will hear will come from speakers out of buildings playing songs. The game is quite editable so you can convert your own song files to ogg format rename them and place them in certain areas. When you start a game the sound will be a little glitchy. Kind of like playing a tape with the fast forward button.


Not much to say here. You run errands and along the way will encounter groups that will oppose and try to harm you in your quest to pick up things.

Game Play:

The game play is ok if you can get past all the loading points. The load times have been reduced in share the pain however they are still somewhat of a pain themselves when you consider how many you will have to go through. You can pick up things such as doughnuts health pipes as well as a few other things to heal yourself. You can also smoke catnip to slow down your enemies and play matrix style.


Multiplayer I do not find very entertaining. There is the standard death match and team death match. In snatch the ?postal babes? are used as a flag. The game play is similar to a normal game of CTF. Of course you will have to count that it is extremely degrading.


The game I cannot say is the most appropriate. In the cult compound you will find baby Jesus holding a gun. In the multiplayer after a round you will see women in thongs dance sexually for the winning player. Swearing is also a issue here. You will simply not be able to get through to game with hearing some four letter words. The most predominant being the one which starts with a f. There is also religious prejudice in the game to some extent. Muslims are stereotyped into all being evil suicide bombers that wish to take over America and kill us all. Also as I have previously said you will find a baby Jesus in the cult compound holding a gun making our savior look more like a murderer as the picture says ?Baby Jesus says: bullets are the seeds of victory?. In the catholic church on a stained glass window you will find our savior giving you the finger saying the words ?spin on it?. Also the gore is somwhat high. You can take a shoven and whack someones head off or a shotgun and blow it off.

Final Ratings

Graphics B- Sound B Story D Game play B- Multiplayer C Appropriateness F-

Overall 48%