System Requirements Windows 98/Me/2000/XP 1GHz CPU 256MB RAM 32MB 3D graphics DX9 compatible sound 4X CD-ROM Rated Teen for crude humor, language and violence

What?s the story?

You are a member of the Lionhearts, a misfit band of outlaws attempting to steal the Book of Rule before the evil king Forge opens it. If he does get his grips on the book, the land of Milola will be transformed into a twisted amusement park. The game starts out with you (Roman), Jonesy the mole, and Q the robot searching for a smelly old blind man named Rexus who placed a basket weaving spell on the book to ward off those who come in contact with it.

How do I save Milola?

There are twenty-one levels in this game and four different level styles so the game play is a tad repetitive. Some of the levels have you fighting on your own and on others you have Jonesy and Q with you. Q makes a great healing tea in times of need. Each level has objectives you must complete in order to progress. Some of these objectives will be saving peasants, destroying certain buildings, protecting a certain area, or manning a turret and preventing a certain amount of enemies from entering.

What kind of weapons do I get?

You wouldn?t be armed and dangerous without cool weapons right? This game does have some nifty artillery. My favorite weapon is the Land Shark Gun; this bazooka launches a shark that will eat a few enemies standing in your way. The Vindaloo Rocket Launcher is another favorite; this weapon can launch 4 simultaneous rockets at your foes from a distance. Another powerful gun is the Gurner Personal Mortar which looks like a tuba but blasts your foes or levels buildings nicely. You also have your standard Flemming machine gun, Hawkings rifle, and Cyclops sniper rifle too. There are many bombs to play with as well. To blow open gates or big enemies you?ll have your ticker bomb, which is your typical dynamite and alarm clock deal. Sticky bombs are fun to stick on enemies or objects to do some damage. The Topsy Turvy bomb flips the world upside down for a bit and back again. The World?s Smallest Black Hole bomb is fun to play with as well, you just set this baby off and watch your enemies get sucked in. The Knockout bomb that looks like a red boxing glove and will guarantee that your enemies will get a beating. Finally there is the Traitor bomb, which will cause the enemies to attack themselves.

Cheats and fun stuff

Each level has a token hidden in it. Collect the tokens to unlock cheats and harder difficulty levels. Granted you have your god mode and infinite ammo cheats, but there are fun ones too like Big Heads etc. There is also an option to replay cut scenes that you have already seen. One of the cheats allows you to watch all of them, but why spoil it?


Violence is a given in this game, but there is no blood. When you are injured you can heal with health packs or go to a pub and regain health and ammo there. Although the movies in this game are the highlight, there are many issues with them. There is a bit of swearing, the F word is beeped out but the others slip through. Sexual humor is in many of them as well. There are cracks at Jonesy?s sexuality and manhood, his mother is alluded to having an affair, Rexus kisses a man and fantasizes about prince Stig, and one of the characters accidentally gets circumcised. On a religious aspect this game pokes fun at televangelists (who doesn?t?) but, as if there wasn?t already enough, what locked in the F for appropriateness is that the Book of Rule has a pentacleon it, which represents witchcraft.


The graphics in this game are awesome. The world is very pretty and the environment detail is amazing. The movies are fun to watch and look great. The character details and expressions are superb.


The sound effects in the game are great. The weapons have their own unique sounds and the enemy?s reactions to them are fitting. The voice acting is well done. The allies and enemies make some pretty funny, but often crude comments. The background music is great and often reminded me of Braveheart. The music would be worth extracting and keeping if I could figure out how. :)


The AI is very impressive in this game. When your fighting with Q and Jonesy they will pick up health packs on their own. The enemies run to the big guns and turrets to try and off you. The AI is great in this game and makes it quite challenging.


The game was easy to install, although it does take 4.3GB of your hard drive. It ran very stable and alt-tabs nicely except when playing movies. If a movie gets interrupted it will just start at the next level. Fortunately you can always re-watch the movies. The interface is easy to use and the game play is fun but limited. There is no multiplayer in this game. Your only shot at replay ability is to get all the tokens you never found and trying harder difficulty levels. This game is good for a laugh but the content is problematic.

Final Ratings

Appropriate F Game play B Graphics A Sound A Interface A Stability A

Overall 79%

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