System Requirements CPU 133MHz 16MB Ram Windows with DirectX7


You know you?re having a bad day when you come home to find huge insects kidnapping your family. To make matters worse you?re only a tennis ball so you can?t really fight back with guns and ammo. Instead you?ll have to think your way through many levels to eliminate various colored blocks and ultimately defeat the big bad bugs.

What do I do?

To beat the levels you?ll have to get rid of all of the colored blocks. In order to do so you have to be the same color as the block itself. There are many challenges and some levels require planning ahead of time which blocks to remove and when. Just like it?s predecessor Frozen Fruits, you must avoid the skull blocks. Once you have a level cleared you will gain a star. Some areas require you to have a certain amount of stars before you can move on. If you die, you can restart in the level you were in.

How do I fight?

Well half the battle is controlling where your ball character goes. Other than that you?ll encounter bugs, robots and spinning jack-o-lanterns that would be in your best interest to avoid. You can?t really fight the enemies, however, in many cases you can lure then to their pixilated death.


The graphics are pretty good for a simple puzzle game. The level design and layout reminds me of Mario 1 & 2. The enemies are cute and adequately detailed as well.


The background music is MIDI (this uses built-in sounds on your sound card) and has a nice variety. The music is mostly Reggae or Dance. There are some sound effects for smashing blocks and bouncing around. If you find either annoying you can disable them.


You can use the arrow keys or the number pad keys on your keyboard. The space bar thrusts your ball. There is no customization available. There are ten save slots available. When choosing your game you see the percent you have completed.


This game is perfectly clean unless you object to the skull tiles and jack-o-lanterns. I would recommend this game to anyone; it?s good, clean, and fun.

What is in the full version?

The full version offers one hundred and sixty levels. The demo lets you sample twelve of them. If you purchase the game for $19.95 you will get Frozen Fruits X for free. The X version has extra tricky levels. If you like puzzle games this demo is worth checking out!

Final Ratings

Appropriate A Game Play A Graphics C+ Sound B- Interface B Stability A

Overall 86%

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