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System Requirements
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP CPU: Pentium 200Mhz RAM: 32MB HDD: 150MB VIDEO: Direct X 6 compatible SOUND: 16 bit Direct X 8.1 Compatible AGE: Teen
What do alien abductions, a depressed clown, and a purple tapir named Pantagruel have in common? Can a bumbling gumshoe make his stolen candy theory stick? Find out with the \'Sherlock Gnome\' of detectives, Tony Tough, and a hilarious cast of characters as he cracks the case on the most adventurous and comical night of his life! *
You are Tony Tough, private eye. Even though you are short, nerdy, and laughed at, you are determined to save the world from alien destruction. That\'s right, aliens have been stealing candy from kids for the past few Halloweens, and it\'s your job to stop them! Yes your co-workers laugh at you, but if you solve this case, you will get the respect you deserve! But first, you must find your dog Pantagruel who has been abducted by the alien Jack himself!

Game Modes

This is a single player mystery/adventure game. You can play the game in easy mode or hard. Easy mode has some of the puzzles solved for you already. Chance are you will get stuck. Some of the puzzles are a little out there. This walkthrough page helped me. There is no replay-ability unless you start off easy and later try the more difficult game mode.


Some of the puzzles are easier to solve than others. Look around the levels. They all have a purpose and usually an object you can take or use. Most of the people have a purpose as well. Talk to them, even talk to inanimate objects (you\'ll be surprised.) In many cases when you have achieved the purpose from the person they will disappear from the game or not talk to you anymore. Examine your inventory, it may not be what you think is! Manipulate your inventory, sometimes you can combine items.

Where will I get to explore?

There are three main areas in the game. You first start off in your office. This is where you\'ll discover the ransom note for your dog. You have to meet Jack in the Halloween park to get your Pantagruel back. In order to get into the park you need to get a costume. The second area is the park itself. This place is huge! That\'s okay though, since Tony will sketch a map where you can warp into the different areas. The Main objective of the park is to get into the castle. Once you dispatch the annoying guard you may enter. The castle is the final level in the game. Once inside, you must now find your dog and meet with Jack face to face. Good luck detective!


From a Christian perspective this game has some swearing and sexual references. Tony is a character of average morals. He has a Bible in his office and considers it a great book. You cannot make Tony do things like peek into a tent, but you can \'borrow\' things. Throughout your adventure you will come across some odd people. Some examples include a drunk clown, a rude teenager gazing at Fredrick of Hollywood\'s pamphlet, an exotic cake dancer, etc. When talking with people/objects, there is a variety of responses you can use. They vary between polite, witty, and rude. You will get the appropriate response for each choice. Overall I must agree with the ESRB rating of Teen on this game.

Overall experienceEase of use

This game is easy to install. The interface is a little tricky to configure. I had to refer to the manual a few time to figure out what the different options were. The game ran pretty stable but there are some kinks worth mentioning. For starters it does not alt-tab at all. So save often if you get IM interruptions etc. Also in the castle level I notice my inventory menu was off by one object. For example I would click on my hammer and I would get my stick. That fixed itself when I collected more items. Weird. The sound effects and voice acting were pretty good. This is a cartoon style game so there are cartoon like sound effects to go with many actions. Some of the people were hard to understand. (subtitles are an option) There was one black kid named Willy waiting at the restroom. He had a stereotypical southern farmer accent. Not only is it hard to understand, but is that pushing the PC line? The graphics are nice. They are 2D and cartoony. You can tweak some detail options like reflections but no fancy video card is required to run this game. In fact, I played it on an 8MB with no problems. The environments are detailed. Fortunately, you can usually spot the objects you need to take or interact with. There are some funny cut scenes that add to the adventure. Overall this is a fun and cute adventure. If you don\'t mind subtle innuendoes and minor swearing, you\'ll enjoy it. *Taken from Got Game Entertainment

Final Ratings

Graphics B Game play A- Sound B+ Interface B- Stability B Offensive Content C

Overall 81% B-