System Requirements
CPU: 350Mhz RAM: 64MB OS: Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP HDD: 100MB CD-ROM: 4X or faster Video: 16MB DirectX 8 compatible Sound: DirectX 8 16 bit sound Age: Teen
In this game you get to play three heroic Starfighter pilots. It\'s your job to save innocent citizens from the Trade Federation Forces by engaging in challenging missions to save the planet. You\'ll be doing deep space dogfights, attack runs, escort missions and much more.

Demo Mission

In the demo you get to play the second mission from the full game \'Royal Escort\'. You are Rhys, a courageous young rookie just spreading his wings. The Royal ship needs to be protected and allowed to enter hyperspace. However there are a bunch of ships coming at you in waves wanting to prevent this from happening! You\'ll encounter Merc Daggers, Morningstars and Dianogas, which are the toughest. There are bonus objectives you can achieve, but they are not easy. One objective is to get all the Merc Dagegrs in less than a minute. Another optional objective is that the Royal Ship takes no hull damage. The last bonus objective is that you destroy all the Merc Dianogas. You are rewarded by getting medals for the objectives completed.

What do I fight with?

You are not the only pilot in this mission, the AI pilots help out a lot! For ammo you have unlimited lasers and a limited supply of missiles. I find that the missiles are good at picking off the ships from a distance. Try to avoid hitting the Royal Ship with your gunfire, yes you can damage it!

What to expect in the full game

There are fourteen missions in the full game. You will be three different pilots and will get to fly three different starfighters. There\'s the Naboo Starfighter, the nimble Guardian Mantis, and the lethal Havoc ships at your disposal. You\'ll see vast environments from the open plains of Naboo to the interior of the Droid Control Ship in space. Not to mention many types of space warfare!


From a Christian perspective this game is pretty clean. This is galactic warfare, so you will see other ships explode.

Overall experienceEase of use

The game was easy to install. When you launch the game you can go into the game configuration area to set your video driver, resolution, and color depth. You can also configure your joystick, keyboard, and mouse here too. The graphics were pretty good, the ships and asteroids coming at you looked 3D rendered. The demo didn\'t have any movies but it looks like the full game will. I am sure they will be good quality with this being a Lucas game. The music and sound effects were great. You had your typical laser fire sounds with the nice Star Wars music in the background. The game ran very stable with no lockups whatsoever. Overall if you like space fighters, this game will be one you should add to your collection!

Final Ratings

Graphics B+ Game play B+ Sound A Interface B Stability A+ Offensive Content B

Overall 89% B+


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