This is a spiffed up version of Galaga. It\'s shareware, you can buy it for $20. Basically, You have a ship and some ammo and you\'re in the middle of space with a bunch of bugs coming your way. Shoot at the bugs and blow them up to stay alive. Sometimes you get a prize like a spinner, atom protection or extra life. There are also prizes like capture alien, bounce, guided bullets, extra bullet and grow/shrink aliens. That should make things interesting! It\'s not as easy as it looks! From a Christian perspective, this is a very clean game. Just shoot bugs and they explode. The game is easy to install. It runs good in Windows 2000. It ran very stable, no lock ups. The graphics are good, some 3D enhancements. I love the MIDI music! It\'s techno like and definitely adds to the game. On a side note, if you have a bad sound font, or a 16 bit sound card the MIDI music won\'t sound as good. For controls, you can use keyboard, mouse or joystick. There is no multiplayer mode. It\'s only $20, if you register it, you get all 88 levels. You can get it here Overall it\'s a fun game.


Appropriate 5/5 Interface 5/5 Game Play 4/5 Music/Sound 4/5 Graphics 3/5 Stability 5/5

Overall 87%