System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, 98, NT4, ME, 2000, MacOS 9.1. CPU: 300mhz AMD/Intel processor (550+ Preferred) RAM: 64 MB, 128MB for Mac HDD: 105 MB, 600MB for Mac VIDEO: 4MB DirectX 7.0 compatible graphics card (800x600 upwards) SOUND: DirectX 7.0 compatible sound card
Stronghold is a castle building strategy game. It\'s more than just castles, you have to manage the economy (food, wood, weapons, market, etc.) and keep the people happy and your approval ratings up. You can keep the people happy by having no taxes or by bribing them. Another way to keep them happy is to keep them fed, don\'t let your food run low. There are things that happen beyond your control like sick cows, or cursed apple trees etc. So always have a back up food source. The demo offers two missions to play. One is an economy mission where you have to create a certain amount of weapons in a short amount of time. The number of weapons and years depends on your difficulty setting. The other mission is a castle defense mission. The castle, economy, and army are already there. All you have to do is maintain the economy and increase and manage your army. You army consists of spear men and archers. There are four main enemies in the full game. The Wolf, The Snake, The Pig and the Rat. These are all knights that resemble their name. All of these guys look like they were severely beaten with an ugly stick. In the demo you get attacked by The Rat, and later by The Pig. In fact The Pig has such a big army, the king sent me a fleet of archers. How nice. From a Christian standpoint, I didn\'t see anything too offensive. There were battles, that\'s to be expected. However, the final game looks like it will be a bit more violent. It boasts of killing pits and heads on sticks etc. The game was easy to install. The graphics were good, it has some nice movie animation. Like the enemy getting mad or crying. The music was nice and Medieval style. The sound effects were good but the narrator was a little annoying. The interface took some learning and getting used to. Some of the buildings took time figuring out of what they do. I am sure when the final release comes it will have a nice booklet of all this needed info. The game ran very stable on Windows 2000. No problems at all. Multiplayer will be available in the final release. Overall a good game.

Final Ratings

Graphics B Game play B+ Sound B Interface B- Stability A+ Offensive Content B

Overall B

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