Ok in all honesty the only video sports games I have played before have been baseball games. I played those with the original 8-bit Nintendo. In other words, it has been a while. I am impressed, this game is pretty neat. In the demo you can play one on one or exhibition. Since I am not good at sports games, I had better luck with the one on one mode. This is a pretty clean game. I didn\'t hear any foul language, so I am happy about that. The game is easy to install, it has a nice interface. As for controls I am guessing the best controller to use for the game would be a game pad. Graphics are great, nice player detail. However they did not work well for me in Windows 2000. The music was catchy, I liked it. Game play is fun (if you know what your doing). There is multiplayer support, you can play someone online or on the same pc. Like I said earlier, I liked playing the one on one. Especially since I could be Michael Jordan, man we miss him!

Final Ratings

Appropriate: 5/5 Interface: 4/5 Game Play: 4/5 Music: 4/5 Graphics: 3.5/5 Stability: 4/5

Overall: 85%