This is a great game with tons of re-playablity and really never ends.


For an action adventure game it has pretty impressive graphics. Cut scenes with generals and stuff are well done the dubbing is pretty good too. Battling around can be a tad bit glitchy if you have like 40 guys around you sometimes you wont see all of your enemies but hey that?s what a map is for.


Well by the time you beat the game bout 30 times (read below for details) everything gets kind of old. I?m thankful I have a big screen with PIP. But overall all fighting, talking, music etc is very impressive for an action adventure, if your use to FFX or something don?t expect a lot here.


Well technically there are over 40 storylines you can play. I?ve done em all but again if I did\'t have PIP I probably would not have done all of them. With so many characters though you learn to be awesome with anyone, anytime. Say your on your 24 character, it will be easy to do since you know almost everyone?s moves so you can easily predict what they do and easily beat them.

Game Play

Game play is one thing I never get tired of. With mosou mode (campaign), free (buff up guys, get extra stuff etc), challenge mode (time test, most kills, etc), and VS mode (personal faverouite). Still to this day I still play the game since I still don?t have everyone?s 4th weapon and I\'m missing 1 special item so I?m still trying to get everything with PIP of course :P.


Ya know on the back it says T for swearing and violence. Honestly there is only 1 swear in the entire game that I\'ve noticed. And to me violence is kind of obvious I mean heck I whacked 1800 enemy units on 1 level if that aint violent I don?t know what is, but I did?t notice this until a friend pointed this out, but apparently there are red buffs of smoke when you hit guys. And there are a few people who need a little extra clothing but other than that I think the game is fine.

Final Ratings
Sound B- Story A Game Play A Appropriateness C+

Overall 81%