Bloody Roar: Primal Fury is basically an improved version of Bloody Roar 3 for the PS2. It features one-on-one fighting between two people who can transform into a certain animal.


The graphics are beautiful. The characters\' faces make different expressions depending on the actions. Every character has their own unique look, and both human and animal forms look great. The backgrounds look great too, so there isn\'t really anything to complain about. Awesome graphics, but not DOA3 mindblowing.


This has to be one of the most simple fighting games. Characters have about 30 moves each (counting each individual strike in a combo) which, needless to say, isn\'t a whole lot in today\'s fighting game terms. However, Hudson has made it into a fun experience. The buttons are mapped out with B as punch, A as kick, Y as block, and X as beast mode. When in beast mode X becomes an attack button. Walking towards your opponent while pressing Y activates a throw. A great and creative addition to the fighting game genre are the breakable walls. This adds another layer of depth to the game, and the walls certainly are needed. Some of the moves in this game send your opponent soaring upwards of 50 feet.


The sound featured in this game is pretty standard fare. The characters each have their own voices, and the music is Sonic-esque 80\'s guitar riffs. The mouth synching can be described in one word: terrible.


This category is once again, pretty standard. Obviously, since this is a fighting game, there is some violence, characters are beaten to a pulp, stabbed, mangled, crushed, and bitten (by animals of course). However, no blood is shown and in my opinion it is all very tastefully done. Then there is the sexual content. I\'m guessing that Bloody Roar has taken a page out of Tecmo\'s book and added the now almost mandatory \'jiggle.\' It is extremely *badly* and unrealistically handled, which of course makes it noticable. A lot of the characters wear skimpy outfits, and Jenny the Bat, when in bat form, is seemingly naked (if not striped \'conveniantly\') and it appears that something below the waist is showing (but I\'m not sure if that\'s what it is). However, unless you are writing a review and looking for problems, you (and your children) probably won\'t notice.

Final Ratings

Graphics: A Gameplay: B Sound: C Appropriateness: C

Overall: B-

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