banners average around 5,000 impressions a day. The audience ranges from parents to junior highers who enjoy PC and console gaming.  While a majority of the visitors are Christian, we have many members that are non-believers.  If you have a product that can interest our readers, check out our advertising bundles!

If you do not have a banner, we can create one for you. We have two banner positions available:

1.  728x90 on the "top fold" of the web site which is available on all of the pages.

2.  240x400 sky scraper slot that is visible on the right hand side of our articles.  


3,000 impressions for $1

20,000 impressions for $5

50,000 impressions for $10

125,000 impressions for $20

400,000 impressions for $50

1,000,000 for $100

After the banner impressions have been exhausted, we will send you the banner performance statistics.   Please contact us regarding the banner size or image you would like to use.  Please note that ads must be family friendly and are subject to approval.  Gambling ads will be rejected. 

Banner Impressions