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Creekside Creep Invasion!

You play as a reluctant, middle-school hero named Squirt who awakens on Halloween to discover his town has been overrun by Creeps. Squirt’s weapons of warfare are randomized guns and costumes with unique abilities. NPC sidekicks aid Squirt in his fight. Rogue-lite means lots of deaths, but store upgrades, ammo unlocks, costume unlocks and money carryover.
Squirt’s gun has randomized attributes. Deplete Squirt’s ammunition, and Squirt will automatically switch to another randomized gun. Collect upgrade tokens to permanently unlock new ammo types. NPC sidekicks will help you along. Five distinct zones make up Creekside; complete objectives to advance to the next zone.
·         Controller / keyboard & mouse support
·         Randomized guns
·         Upgradable stats
·         Costumes with unique abilities
·         Handcrafted; procedurally generated levels
·         Permanent unlocks and store upgrades
·         Many enemy types
Submitted By:
Cheryl (Cheryl)
Submitted On:
12 Oct 2016
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Submitted On:
12 Oct 2016
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