Gaming Platform, TruPlay Becomes Trending Project Following NFTs Release

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The first major NFT release by a Christian technology company took place last week when TruPlay launched 6,650 Genesis NFTs, which minted out within 10 minutes of their release on the morning of Sept. 15. Proving that fans will fund content they want to play, secondary sales of the NFTs on the day of the release yielded more than $200,000 in volume within the first 24 hours on OpenSea the world's largest web3 marketplace for NFTs and crypto collectibles. In the first 24 hours, TruPlay’s Ethereum-based NFT project was in the Top 10 on OpenSea globally. TruPlay receives 10% from each sale of its NFTs which it is committed to putting back into product and awareness.

A second NFT drop will conclude TruPlay’s Genesis package by introducing Lilah, Noah and a RhymVerse villain, Axilla, with 3,000 unique NFTs for a grand total of 10,000. Ahead of the release, TruPlay will invite consumers to vote to influence the design of some of the characters that will be on multiple media platforms for generations. Over time, the platform expects to expand the RhymVerse and its hero characters with other media forms. To date, TruPlay has raised over $20 million in investor capital, an accomplishment that validates its vision to create safe, edifying content for children. This NFT release is TruPlay’s first foray into Web 3.0.

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