New Weird Survival Game Once Human Reveals Vital Updates of Formulas System and Gun Perks

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New Weird Survival Game Once Human Reveals Vital Updates of Formulas System and Gun Perks

Memetic System and Gun Perks have been overhauled, bringing the story about the monster Treant

GUANGZHOU, China – (September 21, 2022) – Once Human, the New Weird sandbox survival game, has revealed its first PC beta test to be kicked off in November. Players now can visit the official website or click the link( to fill out the testing questionnaire. The newly released two vital systems updates, Formulas System and Gun Perks, which can surely be experienced in the PC beta test!

Players, as Meta-Human, need to survive in a harsh environment with swarms of enemies and rebuild human civilization after the world was devoured by the apocalypse. The game incorporates a New Weird art style in its sandbox gameplay and creates a unique open world for players to explore.

Formulas System revived a complete over haul

To enable players to view and plan their growth paths in the game more clearly, the development team announced that they are focusing on iterating the Memetic System and integrating some character development-related functions.

The memetic system has received a complete overhaul, and has been renamed the “Formula System”! As its name implies, the “Formula System” includes the formulas for almost everything that you can craft in game, including building parts, explosives, medicines, and so on.

Updated Formulas System strengthens the connection between character development and boss fight. After defeating a specific boss, you will unlock a whole formula tree, where you can use formula points to activate a specific formula and then craft that item on your workbenches.

There are more approaches that you can gain the formula points. Leveling up and exploring in the wild can earn you formula points. If you change your mind about which formula to activate, you can always reset your point allocation at zero cost.

Gun Perks System updated more build choices

Find the default weapon weak and boring? The development team announced that they are putting their back into working on the Gun Perks System! Customize any of your firearms by adding gun perks to them. Perks can be found by exploring the world and killing enemies. They will grant the weapon new abilities as well as stat boosts.

Generally, one weapon can equip up to eight gun perks at once. However, there is a maximum perk cost for each weapon. Higher-level perks will have higher costs than lower-level perks, so make sure that you find the right build and make the most out of your perk combination!

Treant: tragic story behind its beautiful appearance

After introducing the backstory of Arachsiam, the development team introduced another new powerful aberrant: the Treant. This creature's formidable yet beautiful appearance conceals a hidden, tragic, beginning.

Stardust is an alien parasite that normally infests animals by sapping the host's energy and using its flesh to replicate. In some extreme cases, plants can become contaminated as well as animals. For example, if a pregnant woman were to eat a contaminated plant, the Stardust inside the plant tissue would invade the fetus and absorb energy from it. But sometimes, for unknown reasons, the fetus is able to survive the attack and coexist with the Stardust. Together, the fetus and Stardust drain the mother's energy until the Stardust is strong enough to further replicate. The result, is a Treant.

In the body of the Treant, the Stardust binds three lives together: the mother, the baby, and the plant. They, or together, it, are driven by a fierce hatred of nature's unjust cruelty. This hatred gives the Treant power, and elevates it into the realm of the Great Ones.

A Treant can summon tangled vines and dandelions to attack players. And be warned, a Treant retains nothing of a plant's calm, gentle nature. If anything, it just makes it even more fearsome in combat.

To follow more information about Once Human, you can wishlist it on Steam ( and follow them on social media. If you are a fan of survival games or shooting games, make sure you add Once Human to your wish list.

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Once Human is an open-world sandbox survival game based on the genre of the New Weird. Craft firearms, build territory, ward off monsters and rebuild human civilization. Every choice you make would affect the fate of this apocalyptical world. It is time to wake up, Beyonder.

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