Experience Multiple Adventures in a New Cluster: The Angulum Cluster

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Experience Multiple Adventures in a New Cluster: The Angulum Cluster Adventure Agreement Is Now Available in Infinite Lagrange

GUANGZHOU, CHINA, September 21st, 2022 -Today, Infinite Lagrange, the Sci-fi grand space simulation game, will be officially updated. NOMA Shipping Group has released the Angulum Cluster Adventure Agreement, offering new possibilities to Explorers by allowing them to send fleets to complete missions in other star systems while completing daily adventure agreements.

As more Explorers venture deep into space, more regions of Lagrange Network will appear under the spotlight on the grand stage of space exploration, and the Angulum Cluster will be the newest target of the Fleet Adventure Agreement.

As NOMA Shipping Group has not ascertained the actual situation of the Angulum Cluster, only a small number of brave Explorers will be recruited under the agreement for explorations in the early stage. As more information is gained about the region, more Explorers will be invited to sign the agreement. Explorers who have an Angulum Pass will be able to travel to the Angulum triangle with their companions to collect data on warping and environmental explorations together and exchange NOMA Points gained from star systems for special avatars, the Spear of Uranus special livery, and other unique exclusive items.

Mysterious adventures in a new cluster

The Angulum Cluster is a special area that consists of three stars and a special triangular area. Due to the severe Warping Reverberations in the Angulum Cluster, the three stars release high radiation jets at high frequencies, affecting the space warping parameters here with high entropy and making it impossible for fleets to Warp Drive in this area. This harsh environment tests the wisdom of Explorers who wish to explore this place.

Respond and adapt flexibly to this special region

The situation in the Angulum Cluster is complicated and dangerous. After acquiring a pass, Explorers will need to travel there as a team and work together closely to complete exploration missions. The Safe Zone provided by NOMA Shipping Group will be a base where Explorers can rest and recover. Explorers will have access to a team base that has port and production line facilities and NOMA Liaison Office to provide material and ship trading services, Auxiliary Ship services, etc.

Due to Warping Reverberation, the space warping parameters in the triangle area formed by three stars in the Angulum Cluster were found to have high entropy, making it impossible to Warp Drive in most areas there. To facilitate Explorers' explorations, NOMA Shipping Group has provided temporary Warping Stability Zone coordinates for each camp so that Explorers can Warp Drive into the triangle area.

Multiple coping strategies were devised to overcome this complex environment. With limited Warp Drive capabilities, Explorers could dock on asteroids and mines in the Angulum Cluster and move together with the docking target. However, it is important to note that celestial bodies can also collide with each other at high speeds. This means Explorers must remain vigilant and respond to crises promptly.

Search relics for rich returns

The prosperous routes of the Sacrum Chu Imperium once ran through the Angulum star system. A large number of abandoned historical relics are now left floating in the star system. Excavating these relics is one of the important goals of this agreement, and it will help us uncover the many mysteries of the Angulum star system.

When finding fleet wreckages and relic fragments, Explorers can execute the Collect command and will receive corresponding materials and rewards after the items they bring back are verified at the camp. It should be noted that Explorers will encounter a large number of relics from the times of the Sacrum Chu Imperium when exploring the Angulum triangle. These relics will move at high speed on the map, leaving trails behind them. Explorers will need to defeat relics' automatic defense systems to obtain items and data.

Are Explorers’ mighty fleet ready to depart and overcome the new challenges of exploring this new star system? The Infinite Lagrange is now inviting all Explorers to embark on their journey into the universe. Join forces with the best to explore the star systems hidden in the shadows and shed light on the unknowns.

Download the game: https://infinitelagrange.onelink.me/7PMX/4b342305

Official Website: https://www.infinitelagrange.com/


Official Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Infinite.Lagrange

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