Favourite 3ds games?

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Favourite 3ds games?

Post by Banjoman »

G'day, I just got a secondhand "new" 3ds a couple of weeks ago, and was wondering what are your favourite 3ds games or what were your favourites? Any suggestions or recommendations.

It did come with 6 games - Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D land, Mario Tennis Open, Tamodachi Life, Lego Batman 3 and the Lego Movie.

I also bought Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate separate, really addictive game for those who haven't played it lolz, but really enjoyable, it's pretty tricky at first though defeating the monster bosses, does get at bit easier though, but have been struggling with the giant spider recently lolz.

And also bought 3d classics Kirby Adventure from the eShop, it's interesting at first playing that with the 3d feature on a 2d game, and downloaded the free Kirby Team Clash Deluxe game.

So that's the 3ds games I have at the moment.

If anyone would like a race on Mario Kart 7 sometime, my friend code is 4270-7941-0019

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Re: Favourite 3ds games?

Post by NickSaggy »

Been looking for such, please update the list.
Following up closely.

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Re: Favourite 3ds games?

Post by Wilance »

My favorite 3ds game is Animal Crossing New Leaf!!

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