Atari Re-releases Sid Meier's Command Series for PC

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Atari Re-releases Sid Meier's Command Series for PC

Post by ccgr »

Atari Re-releases Sid Meier's Command Series for PC

Three classic tactical war games are now available on Steam
Atari today announced the return of legendary game designer Sid Meier's Command Series of classic 1980's strategy games and are now available on Steam.

Decision in the Desert
El Alamein, October 1944. You hear the rumble of three hundred enemy tanks advancing against your position in the North African desert. Deploy your tanks, artillery, air cover and ground troops in this historically accurate simulation.

Buy Now $6.99

Crusade in Europe
Normandy, June 1944. An invasion force of more than 150,000 British, Canadian and American forces hits the beach, and then their actions on the ground need to be coordinated in response to real-time events on the battlefield. The beginning of a true military crusade.

Buy Now $6.99

Conflict in Vietnam
Ia Drang, November 1965. The deafening whip of chopper blades indicates that the first large-scale helicopter assault ever attempted is underway. The battle begins with touchdown at LZ X-Ray. It ends five days later and no one is sure who has won, or what lessons were learned.

Buy Now $6.99
Buy all three titles together and save 25%

The three part series of tactical wargames was originally released in the 1980s under the MicroProse label. The approach to the Command Series grew from observation of actual tabletop U.S. military scenario exercises, and Sid Meier collaborated with historian Ed Bever to ensure the games' historical accuracy.

The games challenge players to manage assets, strategically place and move them around the battlefield map, and outmaneuver the enemy. Victory requires careful strategic thinking and fast responses to rapidly changing battlefield conditions.

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