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Howdy y'all.

The One Ring is a Middle Earth rpg based in the period between The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings (some call it a trilogy). Unlike other systems (there is an alternative called Adventures in Middle Earth AiME that is based off of the D&D 5e ruleset) TOR is more about lore & roleplaying than anything else. There is combat, but you may go a session or two between battles. It has a great "Shadow" system that keeps players from becoming evil (whenever they do something bad, or a 'misdeed', they gain a shadow point, too many of those and there are very bad consequences) which is great. Since Tolkien was a Christian and many of the things that happen in Middle Earth carry Christian principles, it's a great land to start your first adventures in.

Due to the recent humble bundle of TOR I picked up the books & we got a group together to play. It was my first experience doing a table top rpg. For our first session another guy was the LM but it didn't work so well, so for our second session I took over LoreMaster (LM). It was a very interesting experience & I'm looking forward to the next time we play.

Does anyone else here play TOR? Have any experience with it?
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Nope, sorry :( Looks fun though
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I played TOR last summer at camp with friends, as i remember it splits into two phases like adventuring and fellowship. I played only as adventurer. Now in a week i will play it again, but i totally dont remember rules :( gotta read about it
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