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oculus quest/VR doom/rtcw/etc ports

Posted: Wed Mar 03, 2021 5:05 pm
by bolsen
About a year ago we bought an oculus quest 1. I got it to try to get more exercise. I ended up trying more games.
The last couple of months a small team of folks started porting old ID software games to VR and finally ported doom3.

Playing this game in VR you have to sideload the software, and have a licensed copy of the doom3 assets (can get that on steam for 1.49usd on sale, NOT the bfg version).

The port is frankly awesome, and somewhat terrifying. While not as good as something like halflife alyx that was designed from the ground up for VR this game is a marvelous port to VR and just works awesome with the claustrophobic corridors in the mars base and the jump scares are amplified in VR.

For single player and cheap, huge thumbs up from me.