PS5 game help wanted

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PS5 game help wanted

Post by BlitzSager783 »

Hey yall. I have a blog and I'm writing high fantasy scripts/short stories.
> Still learning screenplay formating.
> My dream is to start making a Christian based PS5 game that will be updated
> like an MMORPG. I have experience using RPG Maker software. I want to
> either remake an RPG Maker VX ACE game I made or jump into the deep end and
> start a PS5 game. I am willing to share my UDEMY account courses for anyone willing
> to join the Suncrest Bandits (a misnomer and the name of our group). You
> could learn screenwriting, character drawing, Unreal Engine 4/5, Blender,
> RPG Maker MZ, or even creative writing. I'm looking to start a
> Christian entertainment business. As the leader I will take an early christian
> approach to earning profit by sharing the income equally. Since my dreams
> are so lofty, I'm going to need help and it will be greatly appreciated.
> My Rpg maker vx ace game is downloadable on my blog.
> Anyone interested will need to read my blog to get a feel for the Suncrest
> multiverse.
> (blog URL)

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Re: PS5 game help wanted

Post by Fillip1 »

Hello dude, do you continue your work? Im also writing some type of blog about games, my main goal is to analyze and make a pattern in which games Christians, Catholics and other believers like to play more, and which games they do not like to play.
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