More "Homes" please

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More "Homes" please

Post by mikahhamilton »

Hi Guys

Can we please have more than 3 homes? I would love for their to be 10 homes. This allows us to save our favourite spots in the game and enjoy game play much more (good for between worlds too). I find 3 homes to not be enough


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Re: More "Homes" please

Post by Sstavix »

This might be better over in the "Minecraft" forums, rather than in General Discussions.

But I'm wondering why you need more than three homes in the first place. Where are you putting them all? I typically used two - one for my main home in the regular world, and one for my base in the resource world. The third one I figure I'll use if I ever attempt to build a mine in the Nether (but it's scary there, so I've never attempted it. :lol: ). So I could see the use of four if someone wanted to build a mine in the End, too. But 10 seems a bit extreme to me.

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Re: More "Homes" please

Post by JesusIsLord713 »

There's no point in building a mine in the end, all you're going to find is endstone lol. Anyways I normally use at least 2, one for my home and one for my shop. The third one I sometimes set and replace depending on my current situation.
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Re: More "Homes" please

Post by Lucia_Hamilton »

When exploring and having different homes / places of interest in different worlds.

In the normal world, I have my home base, then a place to mine, then a forest for wood, then a place for sand, then clay. Then lets go to the nether - mine, fortress, flowstone, exploring etc = 10 is a minimum.

With just 3 game play / exploring is more frustrating so I end up going to a different server.

I would like to stay on a Christian server, but a lot of these limitation (that can easily be fixed) cause me to go elsewhere.

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