I need an artist/animator for a game I'm working on.

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I need an artist/animator for a game I'm working on.

Post by Nedla2000 »

So I want to start work on a game that I would like to make but I am bad at art. So the game is going to be a rhythm/runner game with game play like to something like geometry dash. We can talk about some design choices if you are interested but I was kind of inspired by an AMV for Angel of Darkness that used shots from the anime Black Rock Shooter. But I am open other things and not set on any design choice. This will be the third game I have made but this is still a learning process so even if you don't think you are qualified neither am I. This most likely won't be the best game you have ever seen but it is a good way to get some real world practice. Employers often look for the ability to work in a team so this is good practice and something you can put on your resume. We would be partners in this so you will have half the credit but other than that don't expect to make any money off of this. I use voice chat (mostly discord but if for some reason if won't work for you we can use skype or something) to communicate and I will be on it most every day.

So to recap for those of you who don't want to take the time to read the whole thing: You don't have to be that good (you can't do worse than me), don't expect this to be super professional as I am not one, and you will be my partner not my employee.

If you are interested just pm me or reply to this post and I can get you a way to contact me.

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