Call of duty black ops 3 graphic content

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Call of duty black ops 3 graphic content

Post by auskey08 »

While I was at a friends house playing call of duty black ops III, I saw that you can enable and disable graphic content. I read in another forum that when graphic content is off, that there is no blood or language IN MULTIPLAYER. However, I was wondering if it turned off blood and language in he campaign mode, including the little videos mid or after a level. If anybody could shed some light on this topic, I would be grateful.

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Re: Call of duty black ops 3 graphic content

Post by sittingDUCK006 »

i don't know about the graphic content in this version in the campaign mode as i still haven't played that part. I know a previous version there was a scene where you shot innocent people but i understand why there is that option.

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