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Post by MaxMap »

I just got the February Loot Crate and It contained a deck of cards for a game called Superfight! Has anyone else played or heard of this game before?
The Setup:
Separate the white-backed cards
(characters) and the black-backed cards
Youngest player goes first. Player one
starts by drawing three white cards and
three black cards. You can look at them,
but don’t let anyone else see them.
Player two (the next player to the left) does
the same.
Each player chooses one white card and
one black card from their hand to create a
fighter and places those cards face down.
Then they discard their remaining cards
into two separate piles (one for characters,
one for attributes).
Next, both players turn over their cards and
reveal their fighters.
Each player then draws a random black
card from the deck and adds it to their
The Superfight:
Both players argue and plead their cases
about why their fighters would win the fight.
Once the arguing is done, the table votes
for a winner.
In the event of a tie, both players draw a
random white card and fight to the death
with no attributes. The table votes again. Do
this until there is a winner, then discard the
white cards from the tiebreaker fights.
The winning fighter stays on the table for
the next player to fight and will not get any
new attributes in the next fight. The player
who won the fight earns one point.

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Re: Superfight

Post by ccgr »

No, but it sounds fun

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Re: Superfight

Post by MaxMap »

ccgr wrote:No, but it sounds fun
I haven't been able to play a proper game, but when we played loosely by the rules it made us laugh more than debate why our fighter would win.

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