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Re: Dating

Posted: Mon Dec 23, 2013 5:18 am
by chaotic92
airpa wrote:Ok so this is a hot topic among many in my personal life, and I wanted your guys' input on it. There are many differing opinions on dating and it's purposes, but how do you guys view it? What do you think it's true purpose is? And how would you go about it? I believe the most important question though, is how do you know that she (or he if your a gal) is the one God has for you? Input? (This may or may not have come up in my head because of a certain person in my life. <_< )
Well to me anyways you should wait till the one that god has for you because if you start dating you random women(or men) you might miss ok your chance for the one God has for you. Even through I want someone right now I rather be patience wait then to be emotionally involve with someone then its turn out their not the one. Long story short I refuse to date cuz I want god best and i dont wanna be disappoint or hurt in anyway.