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Kye Kye

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I would like to share my favorite band Kye Kye.

They're a Christian band, but their music doesn't sound like traditional worship music, it's very electronic. When I say electronic, I don't mean music like dubstep, I just mean computer generated sounds, with some real instruments like guitar and piano thrown in here and there.
Anyways, they have very powerful sounding music. You probably wouldn't know they were Christian up front, but if you research their lyrics, you'll see it has biblical background.

Here's a link to their website


I broke in the silence
to repeat what I've done in the past won't change me (Phil.3:3-11)
I broke when you told me
I could try all the time
but my ways won't change me (Eph.2:8-9)(Gal.3:1-3)(Ro.3:20-22)

We tried this, but we failed
we know this but we're too blind to see (1Cor.2:14) (2Tim.3:7)
that there is freedom within me (Col.1:27) (Ro.6:4) .
your life brought light for all to see (Jon.12:46) (Mrk.4:11)

When I was lost so I, so I thought
that I was searching all alone
like I was lost so I didn't know (Gal.4:1)
what I was keeping all along (Col.1:27) (Ro.8:11)

I knew from the moment my mistakes all stood out
your light's my only safety (Ro.10:3-13)
oh all the times that I didn't look your way (Mat.13:22)
look what I was missing lord you fill in every space
that I replaced instead of you (Eze.36:26-27)

Revived us, we will sing (Eph.2:4-6)
restored us, you are the source to breath (Jon.4:14)
ignite us to a need to bury everything I never want to be (Ro.8:13-14)

If you've heard of this band before, or just recently listened to some of their music at the link above, please reply with your favorite song ^_^

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