Fallen Star - The Perfect Book For Gamers Who Love Fantasy

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Fallen Star - The Perfect Book For Gamers Who Love Fantasy

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The latest installment in Steven Drake’s The Demon’s Blade Saga, Fallen Star, continues to entertain with his unique protagonist and half-elf Darien. Drawing inspiration from music and gaming Drake says, “There are several Easter eggs related to gaming in my books, mostly in the form of place names or minor character names, that are a tribute to my early inspiration.”

Of his distinct style of writing found in Fallen Star and throughout his entire fantasy series, Drake explains, “I like to raise issues without giving a definitive answer. I hope to encourage readers to think on their own and reflect on their own answers. I consider myself a Socratic thinker, so I’m more interested in questions than answers. If there’s a single message in there, it’s that evil is very real, but never as clear as it seems to be.”

Steven Drake is a life-long lover of fantasy literature raised on J.R.R. Tolkein and C.S. Lewis. With an undergraduate degree in telecommunications and an MBA from Murray State University, his knack for writing is for his own enjoyment and to entertain others. Drake enjoys and draws inspiration from video games, science fiction & fantasy novels, music and anime, which can be seen in his debut series, The Demon’s Blade Saga. He lives and works in the Jackson Purchase region of Kentucky, just a few miles from the Ohio, Tennessee, and Mississippi rivers.

Fallen Star will be available on December 20, 2017 via Amazon and other major book retailers.

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