A Writing Challenge to All writers here

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A Writing Challenge to All writers here

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Writing is good; Is a good way to express yourself, what you are feeling, what you believe, and here are some strategies I use that may help others as well!


Today, you are President of the United States; Don't ask me how this is possible, but stranger things have not happened to me, so why not this as well!

Your job is to write down all of the problems in America that you see, and then come up with your own solutions! You should get started like, 5 hours ago, because today is only Monday, and Tuesday is right around the corner...

Today, you are an Alien from outer space, landing on this strange planet, seeing things for the first time, what are your experiences? Are they good, bad, or funny.

I bet your glad to get off that planet, but now you are an advanced robot created by DARPA! They have no ideal what they have really created, but as one should be careful what one creates, because it may one day rule over you with an iron fist... You are having an interview with your human creator, can you share the dialog, what questions were asked, and how you, as a machine, answered them!

You are a member of a Church, and your pastor is sick, and calls you asking YOU, to give a message to the congregation, what will that message be, please share as though WE are that congregation!

Citizen X lived his life as he pleased, lawlessly, without compassion, his actions having affected so many lives! He passes away in his sleep, and now is on his way to the Great Unknown? Can you describe his journey, in your own way, or fashion, what does hell mean to you, please describe it visually in story format.

This is easier task, since it is Scooby Do day and I don't want you to miss cartoons!

You are sitting at desk, and all the sudden you are in a video game representation of your "room", where everything has been modeled, textured, and programmed to function as you see it! How many unique possibilities can you pick out from your observations of this virtual world, that do not exist in real video game representations of rendered environments?

Are you smarter than a Keen Software House gaming developer (Space Engineers)?

Here's the final challenge...

From all the movies you've seen, all the games you've played involving space and spaceships, if you had the money, the ability, and the staff, and were going to create a Starship in Virtual Reality, ...describe it in detail, answering the critical question, "What IS a Starship?"

...is it a large empty group of blocks with pretty textures?

Once you define what a Starship is, what function will it serve in an empty universe? Which means you have to as well, create the Universe! That part is extra-curricular, and optional!

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Re: A Writing Challenge to All writers here

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Did you want the stories posted to this thread, or are you just offering advice?

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