A Prayer for all those that feel "watched"

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A Prayer for all those that feel "watched"

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Here is a prayer I wrote awhile back! At times we feel like we are being watched from the shadows, as though people want to see you, but do not want to know you; They want to know what your doing, but they don't want to knock on the door!

Let us not dwell on what is already lost, but rather what can be found, before all is lost!

You Government Agents -- How can you look, without seeing? Do your eyes have a purpose, or are they only attracted to me!

Lord God of Israel, my heart do I lower in reverence to Thee; You know all that I am lacking thereof, see all that my eyes see not; You control the turrents within, when calm waters begin to rage! With a whisper, you correct me from within, if only with these ears, I could learn to hear, and with these eyes, learn to see!

I Bless Thy Nation of Israel, with whom You've established your everlasting Covenant I pray Thee, send me to Israel, though I confess, I am least of all deserving, that I may be a light unto Your People, for hear where I am, I feel nothing but darkness! Could this darkness be my own; I feel alone, yet something within tells me I am not! It's as though several eyes are watching; Their eyes stuck in their sockets, their bodies have become vegetables; Are their own lives so bleak, that they must devote themselves to me? Am I seeing through the eyes that you have given me, Lord God of Israel, or am I as deceived as I am lost, possessed by he whom I've been speaking against?

Surely, a house divided against itself can not stand, as it is written. if I am possessed of satan, how can I speak on Thine behalf. I am a doubting Thomas, Lord God, but I do not doubt of Thee, only in myself. I ask Thee, search this soul of mine, and remove all that doesn't belong; I know evil, I know as well from whence it come, and pray Thee, save me, that I may not follow to where he shall be.

I believe in You, but I am lacking in faith in myself! Keep my heart humble, and anger away, and give me the strength I am missing, an ear to hear, an eye to see, and help me be obedient unto Thy Word.

I should not complain, nor whine, because thus far you have kept me from the fears that cause me distress, for which my mouth doth never stop. All this in Thy Son's Name, Jesus Christ, Amein.

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