A Prayer

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A Prayer

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08.21.2013 By: Harold McBroom

My Father in Heaven; Who has created the Universe and all that is contained therein; This letter, I send unto Thee!

I make no excuses for how I've spent this life, through Thy grace, Thou hast given unto me! May these words I now speak, enter nay unto Thine ears, as my defense; For I have no such defense to offer on behalf this name of mine, Thou hast given, and allowed to exist!

The ground upon which these feet still walk; The paths and byways as well, these feet have crossed, have nay ever to lead me neigh to Thee, but rather far to the opposite! And now so far away from whence I first began, all I have left to offer unto Thee, is the gratitude within this heart of mine. Thank You for this life You have given.

Regardless the past; What words have been, and those that will be; A convict set free, by the Judas within; Judge me not, I pray, on how the race began, the mistakes in-between, but rather, what's in my heart, when I've reached the end!

And for those with an ear, and still able to hear, come thou hither, to hear these words once spoken to He:

"Have you no fear of God? We are deserving of our fate, but this man hath done nothing! Jesus, remember me when you enter into Your Kingdom!"


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