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Aftermath: A Story of Consequences - Illuminati

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By: Harold McBroom a story about consequences. That which comes after the fact.

From the time it first began, to where we now find ourselves today, we had eliminated nearly 6 billion people around the world. At the edge of a precipice, we stood looking out at what we envisioned our futures would become, and it was clear what had to be done. Society's valuables were being replaced by it's invaluables; Religion was dictating our destinies, and often times, would conflict with each other, for which chaos was the result. Resources once shared, were quickly dwindling away to keep the cancerous tumors of our civilization expanding exponentially out of control.

After all was said and done, with these cancerous tumors far removed, we still have to remind ourselves of our distant past, and by controlling the events of today, the events of yesteryear will remain in the past; For we had discovered that reproduction bears no loyalty to race, or class, and so the persecutions have continued on, long past it's anticipated expiration date of 6 billion people.

"Kill 6 billion people, then it will stop! We'll have our paradise, control how big of a bite we've determined that you deserve!"

It will never stop, until human reproduction ceases; It'll never stop, until you eradicate free will from every human mind upon the face of the Earth! Until then, there will ALWAYS be someone born, or already in existence, who will potentially oppose the system, ...any system for that matter!

No, my friends, after all is said and done, comparing what we have left to what we once had; What we were, and now, what we've become, what we continue to do, long after 6 billion people have been eradicated by our hands, be so done, directly, or indirectly, through action, or inaction, by word of mouth, or intentions within, truely I say, ...WE were the monsters all along!

While 6 billion people were slaving for meager wages, living paycheck to paycheck, the One Percent were enjoying their multi-billion dollar corporations, and lavish lifestyles, all the while complaining about how much better it would be, if the 99 Percent didn't exist. They had continued financial stability, while beneath their polished shoes, and arrogant attitudes, the family unit was being systematically destroyed.

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