-Star Wars Episode 1 Rewrite-

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-Star Wars Episode 1 Rewrite-

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Alright, so, let's do something.

Take only what was mentioned of the Clone Wars, Anakin, etc. in the Original Trilogy pre-updating with new effects and scenes. (What little there was) and wait for it...

Throw everything else from the Prequels, and all other story lines of Star Wars, out the window. And write a synopsis of what YOU would write as Star Wars Episodes 1,2,3, or all of them.

So yes, you can literally rewrite it so no Jar-Jar, or Force as microscopic organisms...I'll go first to see what it can be like.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...




It is a period of galactic war. In the dimming light of the REPUBLIC, four separate factions have risen, and each have taken sides in what is now called THE CLONE WARS, two sides have formed, the last hope of the old order, lead by the JEDI KNIGHTS, and the rising threat, headed by the mysterious CLONE ARMY. The first blow to the REPUBLIC has been delivered, and on a small moon, the JEDI start their retaliation...

The Story begins with a Jedi command ship coming into view over the second moon of Dantooine. The moon of Din-ra. Aboard that ship are hundreds of republic soldiers, equipped with the best a failing galactic power could afford. In the deepest parts of the ship, four Jedi sit before a shriveled green figure, Yoda. One, a Wookie, named Truuba. Two, twin sisters of the planet Ki-rink. Who's reclusive insect people rarely made contact with the Republic. And a young man from Tatooine, raised by Tuskins since his parents died, and given a name in their tongue. Obi-Wan.

This is their first mission, in fact, the first battle, of what the Republic hopes is a short conflict, the "upstarts" and "radicals" who support the Clone Army will be reminded who's side the Jedi back.

"Remember" Croaked Yoda, as he sat before the Jedi he had taught the past few years. "Your weapons, use only in defense, let the force be your blade." As vague as ever, yet good advice for four beings capable of slaying hundreds if they so wished. Jedi are disciplined. And refuse to throw their weight around. Traditionally.

But then again the newest generation of Jedi weren't the biggest for tradition. Obi-Wan caught a glimmer of excitement in the iridescent charcoal black eyes the sisters shared.

The Jedi were deployed at the front lines, where Republic soldiers already were entrenching for the inevitable clone assault. Obi-Wan signed at the thought of the coming bloodshed, the others thought of a glorious crusade as of the Old Republic. He knew better. The clones would come as a swarm, as a living mass of one mind and one goal. And their approach was made clear, when as the red sun slipped away, when one by one thousands of orange night-vision visors flickered to life, until it was almost as if a fire burned on the horizon.

"Finally" mused the twin closest to Obi-Wan, he never was good at these insect names, so he didn't bother to learn hers. "D'be a might embarrassing to be late to the war you were startin'..." She withdrew a curved lightsaber handle and preemptively ignited it's yellow blade." Noticing the light it provided, a republic soldier quickly motioned for her to deactivate it to prevent being spotted. Unfortunately it was too late, as signaled by a distant explosion, as soldiers quickly made for cover and ducked low into trenches, their efforts were illuminated by the streaking red light of an artillery blast. Obi-Wan steadied himself, and tried hard to concentrate, and create a bubble of the force around himself and as many as he could, as Yoda had instructed him, further down the line, Truuba did the same, and the less aggressive twin did on the parallel side. Obi-Wan smirked as he retrieved from his mentally prepared supply of quips and retorts. "Perhaps you were late arrival." The Jedi's efforts help minimize damage, yet a half dozen injured troops were at the moment being transported further back to where the front's base of operations was being established. Obi-Wan shot a sideways glance at the insect, who was recovering from debris knocking her legs out from under her. "How Was I suppost' to know they could see me?!" Truuba grumbled something in his low Wookie tone, explaining that the mission briefing specified the enemy outfitting as Republic spies had last described. Soon an officer ordered heavy weapons be prepared...

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